Chinese? Aliens who arrived thousands of years ago on planet Earth! Original article by Alessandro Brizzi.

I realize that what I am about to say is very strong, very pronounced, but after various considerations, after various verification, you will finally know the truth! For various reasons I can say something like this and I will list them below. Let’s start with the emerging fact of the present days, namely that of the Coronavirus, in recent times there has been a lot of talk in the media about the responsibility or otherwise of the Chinese government for this virulent incident…

In my opinion, China is directly responsible, and certainly it was not an accident! It is no coincidence that a few hundred meters away there is the largest research laboratory for the most powerful viruses … The wild animal market has nothing to do.

Why? The reason is very simple, until the beginning of civilization or human knowledge, the human race could be white or black, black because it was born in a very hot place and therefore exposed more to the Sun, but yellow skin? Do you have a logical explanation of why the Chinese are yellow-skinned? No? Well I’ll explain it to you …

They are aliens! Descendants of the famous Grays, they are hybrids, a scientific mix created in the extraterrestrial laboratory between human and gray race. Thousands or who knows millions of years ago the Grays camouflaged themselves among the human population by modifying their DNA in the laboratory, only in this way could they hope for the conquest of the Earth. Yes, because you all know that the Chinese have always had that ambition to conquer, they began to spy then to copy and finally to buy everything that is good in America and Europe. They simply created the virus to put a strain on the global economy and then just buy everything because now in bankruptcy, this is the real purpose of the Chinese aliens!

The next world war will no longer be between America vs Russia, but between America and allies against China! All this President Trump knows for sure and that’s why he wants to deepen the responsibility for this catastrophic event. There is also a similarity between the Chinese, the Grays and the ants … In fact, in an old article of mine I said that in reality the Grays and the ants have a lot in common. And there is no exception with the Chinese who work 24 hours a day non-stop and would even give their lives for the job, this is a behavior a diktat coming from the supreme chief the Chinese Emperor.

So this is the disconcerting truth … Now I ask you only one question, do you think the world is ready for this war? 

Chinese? Aliens who arrived thousands of years ago on planet Earth!


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Chinese? Aliens who arrived thousands of years ago on planet Earth!

Chinese? Aliens who arrived thousands of years ago on planet Earth!