Apollo program, something is wrong?

Apollo program, something is wrong?

Apollo program, something is wrong? Original article by Alessandro Brizzi.

The Apollo program was an American space program that led to the landing of the first men on the Moon. Conceived during the presidency of Dwight Eisenhower and conducted by NASA, Apollo truly began after President John Kennedy declared, during a joint session at the Congress on May 25, 1961, a national goal to “land a man on the moon” by the end of decade.

This target was achieved during the Apollo 11 mission when, on July 20, 1969, astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin landed on the moon, while Michael Collins remained in lunar orbit. Apollo 11 was followed by a further six missions, the last one in December 1972, which brought a total of twelve men to walk on our “natural satellite”. Even today, these were the only men to set foot on another celestial body. The Apollo marked some milestones in the history of human spaceflight that until then had been limited to missions in low Earth orbit.

The program stimulated progress in many areas of science and technology, including avionics, information technology and telecommunications. Many objects and artifacts of the program are exhibited in places and museums all over the world and in particular at the National Air and Space Museum in Washington. What will it ever be? Serious jokes of age (88 years old) or the desire to remove the laces to a secret probably imposed but on which he and other colleagues have focused the spotlight here and there? The question concerns Buzz Aldrin, who, net of conspiracy theories and negationists still existing, was the second human to walk on the moon.

Buzz is one of those who in the memories of the 1969 mission with Apollo 11 has filtered the concept of an inexplicable sighting (therefore, by definition, of ufological character) at the moment when capsule and command module, with the precious “baggage” “Of the Lem intended for the moon, he left the Earth and turned to his natural satellite.

I met Aldrin, I met him twice (the first at the Olympic Games in Beijing, the second in Crans Montana at the watchmaker event sponsors of the veterans of the Apollo program) and I interviewed him, asking him about the matter. 1200px-Aldrin Your answer – you can go and fetch the dedicated post, a story of a few years ago – was apparently ambiguous but in fact Illuminating. The question was: “Did you see something strange?”. The answer: “No, I did not see something strange. I just thought it was strange that the object was there. ” The crew of Apollo 11 believed – as long as the story was right – it was a stage in Saturn V that was now drifting, but the control center of Houston excluded that it was a piece of the rocket. The three astronauts preferred not to go any further, lest the perpetrators of the mission be frightened and nullify everything. Certainly it is a sentence that, as it has been pronounced, leaves us very perplexed and invites us to “embroider” on it. The novelty of these days is that Aldrin not only reconfirmed the episode, giving further details on the UFO (“He had an el form” he specified), but he also passed the test of the truth machine.

In fact, Buzz underwent a new technology test at the Institute of Bioacoustics Biology in Albany, Ohio. The institute had previously had the opportunity to evaluate the testimonies of Al Worden (Apollo 15) and Edgar Mitchell (Apollo 14), the latter missed in 2016 and convinced assertor of the existence of extraterrestrials so much so that he repeatedly invited the Government to tell the truth about the facts of the Roswell case.

According to experts, the results show that the astronauts were “completely convinced” of the truthfulness of their statements about UFOs and the possibility of alien life. The Institute of Bioacoustics Biology conducted an analysis of the tone of the voice as they talked about their meetings and the credibility of the sentences seems to be total. Aldrin in particular is very sure of the sighting, “even if the logical mind can not explain it”. At Worden in 2015 he had gone even further: “During the mission I saw the Extraterrestrial,” he said.

In reality it would not have been the only one, judging by the stories of Gordon Cooper, Pete Conrad (both now dead) and other colleagues. Finally to silence the many situations we say so opaque that have characterized the lunar missions of the Apollo program. The Apollo 17 mission astronauts were often followed and observed during space flight on the Moon by many unknown objects. Most of them admitted they saw UFOs while they were in orbit. Despite a lot of information regarding the evidence that the astronauts were almost always accompanied during the lunar missions are now leaked through the press, the ufologists continue to look for new evidence of these UFO sightings.

Apollo program, something is wrong?


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Apollo program, something is wrong?
Apollo program, something is wrong?
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