Hybridization, a new race appears on Earth; Original article by Alessandro Brizzi.

Extraterrestrials known as alien / human hybrids are created through processes and procedures that occur during and after the abduction of, and / or visits with, human beings by ET and Advanced Intelligences. Researchers believe that many, but not all, hybrid beings are a biological combination of humans and what we believe to be extraterrestrials and advanced intelligences; however, their creation is not limited to the combination of only the DNA of two species, or rather to the enhancement of DNA with extraterrestrial genetics. In other words, they most likely have more than two “parents”.

There are Alien-Human Hybrids that are getting DNA updates directly from extraterrestrial races that are still interacting and monitoring human activities on Earth. Stunning DNA evidence suggests that there are extraterrestrial humans on earth today who are inhabiting a human body. New data suggests that humans are being altered and transformed on many levels by alien intervention.

There is a lot of evidence to suggest that encounters with extraterrestrial races, nowadays, are a global phenomenon and this is evident in the new race of human beings referred to as stellar children or Indigo children who are on the rise but are threatened by the CABAL-Illuminati. . Threat that sees the inoculation of other forms of DNA through vaccines (fake vaccines). These children are strikingly similar to each other and are highly intelligent, creative, psychic, telepathic and possess healing and clairvoyant abilities.

Some of the latest DNA research may qualify how this DNA upgrade or enhancement could occur thanks to an ET intervention. This involves a download of data such as our true genetic origins, utilizing our PSI skills with advanced technology, matter manipulation, astrophysics and healing, all associated with genetic and spiritual programs such as human consciousness awakening program, to help the Humanity to evolve into full human-multidimensional functionality. The hypnotherapist doctor has found that many of her patients have suppressed the memories of a program in which their genetic makeup has been augmented with extraterrestrial DNA.

Over the course of his career, he has helped thousands of people review their past lives. For some of his clients, something extraordinarily unusual has been discovered about their current life. Many have had encounters with extraterrestrial beings, and many of them have had surprising similar experiences that have revealed that they have undergone extraterrestrial hybridization programs. Barbara Lamb is a hypnotherapist and regressive therapist specializing in Regression Therapy with people who experience encounters with extraterrestrial beings.

Hybridization, a new race appears on Earth


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Hybridization, a new race appears on Earth

Hybridization, a new race appears on Earth