UFOs in the Civil War: Alien Interventions and Mysterious Phenomena

UFOs in the Civil War- Alien Interventions and Mysterious Phenomena

UFOs in the Civil War: Alien Interventions and Mysterious Phenomena; Original article by Alessandro Brizzi.


The American Civil War’s context goes beyond its historical significance as a conflict defining the future of the United States. Beyond the battles and military strategies, there are tales and theories rooted in the mysterious and unusual. Among these, stories of ghostly apparitions, premonitions, and supposed UFO encounters stand out, which some ancient astronaut theorists believe may have played a significant role in the events. This article explores the curious connections between the American Civil War and unexplainable phenomena, raising intriguing questions about potential extraterrestrial influence and alien interest in human history.

Early Sightings

On April 19, 1861, as the New York militia was responding to President Lincoln’s call to arms, a UFO sighting was reported. Witnesses described a moon moving strangely in the sky, surrounded by luminous circles. This event, typical of a UFO sighting, could suggest an alien interest in the ongoing conflict.

Spectral Visions and Premonitory Dreams

The Civil War was marked by numerous visions of spectral figures and appearances on and off the battlefields. Soldiers from both sides reported encounters with ghost-like figures and premonitory dreams. One of the most famous cases was that of General George B. McClellan, who claimed to have been warned in a dream by an apparition of George Washington about an imminent Confederate attack on Washington.

Ancient Astronaut Hypothesis

Ancient astronaut theories suggest these phenomena might have been influenced or even orchestrated by extraterrestrial entities. This hypothesis gains further support from the interest aliens are thought to have always shown in significant historical events on Earth.

Guiding Apparitions

One of the most intriguing testimonies involves the appearance of a figure resembling George Washington during the Battle of Gettysburg, who allegedly directed Union troops towards victory. According to some, this could have been a direct extraterrestrial intervention, disguised as familiar figures to influence the conflict’s outcome.

Historical Ties and Alien Interest

U.S. Founding Fathers like Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, and George Washington have been linked to beliefs in extraterrestrial life and UFO sightings. This historical connection suggests a possible alien interest in the development and fate of the United States from its inception.

Lincoln’s Premonitions

Finally, Abraham Lincoln’s recurring vision of his own death could be interpreted as another example of extraterrestrial influence. Lincoln, convinced of his tragic destiny, showed extraordinary courage in carrying out his role during the Civil War, despite the ominous premonitions.


The American Civil War remains a period of great historical significance, not only for its direct impacts on the course of the United States but also for its extraordinary and mysterious narratives that transcend traditional historical understanding. Stories of apparitions, premonitions, and UFO sightings, as well as ancient astronaut theories, may not find confirmation in conventional historical research, but they open the door to broader reflection on possible influences and interactions between humanity and yet-to-be-explored phenomena. These narratives, intertwining the paranormal with key historical events, invite greater open-mindedness and a continuous exploration of the many dimensions of our existence and past.

UFOs in the Civil War: Alien Interventions and Mysterious Phenomena



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UFOs in the Civil War- Alien Interventions and Mysterious Phenomena
UFOs in the Civil War- Alien Interventions and Mysterious Phenomena
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