Time travel, alien instrument present from antiquity


Time travel, alien instrument present from antiquity. Original article by Alessandro Brizzi.

Is time travel really a journey? I would define it more as a time jump …
This time jump in my opinion is a conception that can explain the theory of men of the future who go to the past, therefore having other forms of advanced technologies that are incomprehensible to men of the present. But they can be technologies of thousands of future years. This theory explains or better could explain the sightings that are made especially in these days, the men of the future travel with what the men of the present call UFO.

Or they have developed such knowledge to travel aboard the so-called USO. Getting used to a marine environment, given that hypothetically the glaciers of half the world are melting and therefore in a hypothetical submerged future, the men of the future have developed machines that can travel at a crazy speed even in the seabed…Not to mention the bases below sea level where there are ultra-technological machines of all kinds… But this is only a theory… The other theory is that there are actually much more alien life forms technology of the human race, arrived from no one knows where and perhaps already present on planet Earth for thousands of years like the Anunnaki.

But the key point is …
Where did they get this technology? What is the source of this energy? According to my theory: In the near 2019 a scientist discovered the existence of Black Holes, then after various experiments, where various observations and after that in one way or another we managed to have an antimatter particle over the millennia we have discovered to take advantage of this essence for time travel.

Yes, you got it right, time travel will be possible only when you learn to exploit the power of the Black Hole. I am firmly convinced that entering a point A, you leave the black hole at a point Z. Here is explained Einstein’s theory, and his relativity, he really exists he got there first of all, but then to put it into practice it takes millennia, this is the technology that could marry all 2 theories. Time travel exists! And what do you think of it?

Time travel, alien instrument present from antiquity.


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