Thule Society, the precursors of Nazism and the ancient Aliens?

Thule Society, the precursors of Nazism and the ancient Aliens?

Thule Society, the precursors of Nazism and the ancient Aliens? Original article by Alessandro Brizzi.

The Thule Society was a highly anti-Semitic racist organization created in 1910 by Felix Nieder. Upon the fall of the German monarchy, August 18, 1918, he was transferred to Munich by Rudolf Glauer. It was so-called by the name of the legendary island of Thule described by the Greek explorer Pitea, considered by the German populations there mythical land of origin.

Traditionally, Thule’s land had to be identified with Iceland, Scandinavia or Greenland, and it was an island inhabited by top beings (known as Arians) who possessed telepathic faculties and advanced technologies compared to human beings. The most important center of the company was Munich. Soon many of the characters joined the society by increasing their ranks. The belief in anti-Semitism began to cling to the affiliates and later spread even in the minds of the German people. However, in 1919, Thule Society showed the world’s most famous and illustrious beginner, Adolf Hitler. In 1920, the German Workers’ Party, founded the previous year, formed NSDAP, the National-Socialist Party of German Workers, under the leadership of Adolf Hitler, who immediately placed several members of the Thule Society in the highest positions. As a sign of the newborn party, a powerful ancient symbol was adopted as man, swastika. The latter was made with the typical colors of alchemy, that is, black, red. Hitler succeeded in gaining power, receiving huge consensus among the population and assuming the title of Fuhrer, the leader. He created armed bodies with the specific task of recovering Ancestral Heritage (SS), hired experts like Otto Rahn to look for the Holy Grail and funded expeditions in Tibet to get in touch with the “Master of Secrets”, the higher entities that communicated telepathically with the Blavatsky and that the latter claimed to live in the Himalayan region, probably between Tibet and Nepal.

 In the years between the two world wars many scholars began to argue that to explain a number of convergences and symbols, anthropological and philological data, etc., it is necessary to admit the existence of a primordial Nordic race, which towards the Age of Stone from the Arctic regions would move to the south, giving rise to the highest forms of a cosmic-solar civilization in a clear contrast to the “Southern” prehistoric civilizations characterized by the cults of the great mother. According to these scholars there would be a polar dwelling, a primitive homeland of the Nordic breed, which had developed a kind of civilization from “Age of Gold” (it would correspond, according to the latest research, to a “hot” interglacial period between 40,000 and 28,000 BC).

Note that the same scientific definition of “Ice Age” is “It was geological in which polar ice caps are covered with ice.” This suggests that in the interglacial winds the polar caps were totally or partially free from ice. According to German scholar Herman Felix Wirth (a member of the secret society SS Himmler), a great deal of truly impressive geological, climatic and botanical data showed that then, between 70 and 80 degrees North latitude, there was an average annual temperature comparable to a temperate climate (on 10 degrees centigrade, against the current zero at current latitude). It was Polar Atlantis, Thule, the sacred abode of the first humanity.

Humanity, according to Wirth, was born in a “Tertiary” period, long before the arrival of a very strong glaciations that had consequently forced the inhabitants of this polar Eden to migrate to the south, to later establish the Platonic Atlantis we all know (from 15,000 to 9,000 BC). The sudden rise of the seas, along with other natural catastrophes (the Universal Flood) had forced the Aryan survivors to a diaspora in Europe, Asia, Northwest Africa and America.

  Moreover, the elite of this group had probably experienced what in the Hinduist and Buddhist tradition was called “Illumination” and all the great works of the Vedas and the Upanishads were an attempt to convey this wisdom with the words. There is then a serious doubt that the Aryans were depositors of much older knowledge transmitted to them by previous civilizations disappeared. When German secret societies came into being after the First World War, the world’s leading archaeological and linguistic authorities, especially with regard to Babylon and the ancient Sumer, were mostly Germans.

A local media named Maria Orsic began receiving messages in an unknown language and could not transcribe it by other means, began to have relations with the key members of these companies. The messages apparently come from Aldebaran stellar system, an orange giant located about 65 light years away in the zodiac constellation of the Bull, who thought they had two planets that formed the Sumerian Empire. In the Sumerian empire, two classes of people exist – the “pure” Aryan or original breed, and a servile race devolved, or developed negatively, due to a genetic mutation caused by nuclear fallout. In 1930, the Nazis explored the southern extremities of the globe with roots with a base (called base-211) in Antarctica.

You may have heard of a “high jump” operation and how Admiral Byrd had a confrontation with consolidated German troops who were on him with amazing flying ships. A map of the Third Reich (obtained by the Russian forces during WW2) recently emerged, highlights in detail not only the direct passage used by German submarines to access this underground domain, but also a full map of both hemispheres of the lower realm of Agartha ! After the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, the KGB has previously released classified files that shed light on the mysterious place where the United States in 1947 started a naval expedition to Antarctica. The intelligence report, collected by the Soviet KGB spies in the United States, revealed that the US Navy had sent the military expedition led by Admiral Byrd to find and destroy a hidden Nazi base.

Formerly called “The United States Navy Antarctic Development Program,” the high jump naval component was made up of 4700 soldiers, a carrier (USS Philippine Sea among the largest of all time carriers), and a number of ships and aircraft naval support. The naval expedition was led by the famous exploration pole Admiral Richard Byrd, who had been ordered to “consolidate and extend American sovereignty over the largest practical area of the Antarctic continent. To establish Little America” Byrd’s expedition was completed after only eight weeks with “many deaths,” according to initial news based on crew member interviews that talked to the press while passing through the Chilean ports. Rather than denying heavy casualties, Admiral Byrd revealed in an interview that he met a new enemy that “could fly from one pole to another at incredible speeds.” Admiral Byrd’s statements have been published by the Chilean press but have never been publicly confirmed by the US authorities. In fact, Byrd no longer spoke at the press of the “high jump” operation, letting researchers think for decades about what really happened, because Byrd was silenced. Indeed, the high jump operation had suffered “many casualties”, as indicated in Chile’s initial press reports, the first historic event involving a US-led battle and an unknown UFO force close to Antarctica. It is a historical fact that Nazi Germany has dedicated significant resources to the exploration of Antarctica, and established a presence before the war there with its first mission in the Antarctic summer of 1938/1939.

Thule Society, the precursors of Nazism and the ancient Aliens?


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Thule Society, the precursors of Nazism and the ancient Aliens?
Thule Society, the precursors of Nazism and the ancient Aliens?
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