Ancient Sumerian seal, it could reveal the existence of the planet Nibiru; Original article by Alessandro Brizzi.

There is an ancient Sumerian cylindrical seal, believed to be around 4,500 years old and which appears to depict our Sun along with twelve planets within our Solar System. The Sumerian seal, called VA / 243, is an Akkadian seal of the III millennium BC, now preserved in the Vorderasiatische Abteilung, of the Berlin State Museum and which seems to show the mysterious planet Nibiru.

Looking carefully at the seal, you notice, in addition to the three figures, a star surrounded by eleven small circles of various sizes. According to Zecharia Sitchin, an expert in mysterious archeology who passed away in 2010, the one in the center represents our Sun while the eleven rounds are the nine classic planets, our moon, and the mysterious Planet X, which everyone then calls Nibiru. Sitchin describes the seal, as “a real lesson in astronomy, supported by the main Sumerian god” Anu “, to men and his scribes”.

Sitchin says that in correspondence with the main asteroid belt of the solar system, in ancient times there would have been a planet that the Sumerians called Tiamat and the Babylonians Marduk. This celestial body would collide with the planet Nibiru, home of the Sumerian gods. From the disastrous collision between Tiamat and Nibiru, narrated in the Sumerian-Babylonian poem Enuma Elish, the Earth would be born, then pushed in its current orbit by a gravitational perturbation of Nibiru, and the current asteroid belt.

This interpretation of Sitchin has led to a large number of criticisms: Michael S. Heiser, a Christian biblical scholar, is convinced that the alleged planets identified by Sitchin are not planets, but other stars: Heiser also claims that there is no evidence which suggests that the Sumerians knew more than five planets in our solar system. In any case, the comparison between Sitchin and Heiser makes one reflect on this ancient Sumerian artifact: perhaps none of them is correct in their interpretations. Although Heiser claims that the star in the middle is not our star, but another star, because the creator of the seal did not depict the other stars, just as he depicted the one in the middle.

Question, why is the star in the middle represented by a larger body than the other celestial bodies? Or .. If all celestial bodies are stars, as Heiser says, then why does the one depicted in the center have characteristics similar to the Sun like rays? Maybe in this story, something is missing .. However, if the mysterious objects depicted on the cylindrical seal are actually planets, how is it possible that the ancient Sumerians knew our complete solar system in the 3rd millennium BC? Not only that, but how did they know their approximate dimensions? This pushes the intelligent person to go further: where did the Sumerians get this Knowledge from?

Ancient Sumerian seal, it could reveal the existence of the planet Nibiru.


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Ancient Sumerian seal, it could reveal the existence of the planet Nibiru.

Ancient Sumerian seal, it could reveal the existence of the planet Nibiru.