OOPArt: Cusco, the alien stone blocks

OOPArt- Cusco, the alien stone blocks

OOPArt: Cusco, the alien stone blocks; Original article by Alessandro Brizzi.

Cusco (ancient capital of Peru) and some sites in Peru: In a location called Hatun Rumiyoc, there are enormous complexes built with diorite blocks, many of which weigh several tons.

These blocks are crafted with such precision that they appear incompatible with the technologies of the time to many observers.

While official archaeology attributes these constructions to the Incas, the difference between the “human-scale” structures built with the aid of mortar and the gigantic puzzle-like compositions in the vicinity raises doubts even among scholars.

However, since these structures cannot be accurately dated (due to the stone placement and their size), they do not provide any conclusive evidence for the scientific community regarding the existence of other civilizations.

Additionally, in various sites, one can observe structures built with different measurements than the standard construction practices.

The doorways, for example, have a trapezoidal shape and are typically around three meters in height.

The official explanation is that many cultures often built larger-than-normal porticos or structures to convey a sense of solemnity and grandeur. However, some proponents of pseudoscience argue that these structures are evidence of the existence of beings different from us, who lived or passed through the Earth thousands of years ago. 

According to my humble opinion, if you observe carefully, you will notice significant protrusions at each end of the mentioned blocks. I am convinced, or rather, strongly convinced, that those are some sort of handles used to transport the megalithic blocks, and I am even more convinced that they are related to giants, or rather, the Nephilim.

There are many theories circulating on the web, but often, if not always, the resolution of a mystery or a case is found in the simplest explanation, and what could be simpler than my theory?

OOPArt: Cusco, the alien stone blocks


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OOPArt- Cusco, the alien stone blocks
OOPArt- Cusco, the alien stone blocks
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