Men Black, really exist?

Men Black, really exist?

Men Black, really exist? Original article by Alessandro Brizzi.

But the Men in Black really exist? Someone monitors alien activity on our planet? In the collective imagination, fueled by hilarious film trilogy starring two great actors in Hollywood, such as Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones, the Men in Black are mysterious characters dressed in clothes that blacks bother to “clean up” the possible evidence contact aliens and turn to those who have had some type of “Close Encounter” with Alien Entities, advising him not to tell anyone what they saw.


The origin of the Men in Black can be traced back to the early ’50s, when a UFO enthusiast named Albert Bender founded a small organization, the International Flying Saucer Bureau (International Bureau of flying saucers), starting the publication of a “Space Review” magazine called.

In 1953, Bender claimed to have been visited by “three men wearing dark clothing” who had ordered to immediately stop the publication of confidential information about flying saucers. About a decade later, Bender wrote a book in-depth about his strange story, assuming that his mysterious visitors were “shape shifter” Extraterrestrial worried that mankind could come to know of their existence.

As he writes Bender, the Men in Black were not alone, but accompanied by three beautiful women dressed in tight white uniforms. Of course, the story and the person Bender has met with numerous detractors, who have described it as an entertainer and folklore, rather than a factual reporter. The fact is, that the Men in Black have entered fully into the conspiracy theory, in part because their existence seems to be legitimized by the testimonies of numerous eyewitnesses. But it may be plausible to at least some of these stories? Of course, it is possible that there may be Government agents dark clothing that deal with the investigation of individual cases including those involving UFOs and close encounters.

After all, we must not forget that in 1950 there was an US Air Force program called Project Blue Book, who has investigated the most egregious cases of UFO sightings. The US government officials (including military, police, intelligence services, for example) are notorious for their intimidating ways, used very often to get confidence on the part of the eye-witnesses of some event on which are ongoing investigations. And possible, that some people, intimidated by the surly ways of these agents, have exchanged them for Men in Black? Or is it possible that there is seriously a government agency that monitors and keeps under control the alien activity on our planet? The Men in Black appears to be out of fashion in recent years, perhaps because they have been stored successfully in the mythology of conspiracy theory, convincing people who it is only the tales of people frightened by unexplained events and threats from zealous government officials who they summon eyewitnesses to silence. 

What half a century ago seemed threatening and scary (three men dressed in black who knock on your door imposing silence), perhaps today is less fear and more smile. At least, this is what they want to think…

Men Black, really exist?


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Men Black, really exist?
Men Black, really exist?
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