Magic, Extraterrestrials, and Ancient Mysteries Unveiled

Magic, Extraterrestrials, and Ancient Mysteries Unveiled

Magic, Extraterrestrials, and Ancient Mysteries Unveiled; Original article by Alessandro Brizzi.


 In the world of fascination, the link between magic, extraterrestrials, and ancient wisdom has captivated humanity for centuries. From the awe-inspiring feats of magicians like David Blaine to the mysterious powers of figures such as en no yoa, the pursuit of supernatural knowledge remains an enduring quest. This article explores the compelling narratives of magic, ancient mysticism, and the potential extraterrestrial origins of these mystical practices.

En No Yoa: The Ancient Mystic

 Our journey begins in Izu Osima, 60 miles south of Tokyo, where, in the 7th century BC, en no yoa, a legendary Japanese mystic, practiced shugendo—a form of aesthetic teaching. This tradition involved rigorous physical exercises and disciplined practices to access supernatural powers. En no yoa was said to summon demons, ride colored clouds, and survive multiple executions. Modern perspectives suggest that these magical feats could be manifestations of untapped human potential or, intriguingly, evidence of extraterrestrial influence on ancient knowledge.

Magic as Extraterrestrial Technology

 As we witness ongoing discoveries about the capabilities of the human brain and body, some theorists propose that magic could be derived from extraterrestrial technology. The notion suggests that ancient magicians, like en no yoa, may have tapped into extraterrestrial abilities embedded within human DNA. The narrative unfolds, questioning whether historical accounts of magic reveal evidence of advanced otherworldly knowledge provided to early humans for unlocking their divine potential.

Mount Hermon and the Watchers

 The article then explores the legendary Mount Hermon, straddling the border of Syria and Lebanon, where angels known as Watchers descended to Earth, as described in The Book of Enoch. Led by shemyaza, these celestial beings shared forbidden knowledge, including magic, metallurgy, and sciences. The article raises the intriguing possibility that these Watchers were extraterrestrial beings shaping human civilization, challenging traditional perceptions of Satan as a malevolent force.

Satan as a Civilizing Force

 The narrative takes a provocative turn, suggesting that Satan, often equated with shemyaza, might have been misunderstood. Instead of a malevolent figure, could Satan be considered a civilizing force that provided humanity with tools for civilization? The article delves into cross-cultural myths and legends that depict beings delivering forbidden knowledge to humans, potentially challenging our conventional understanding of good and evil.

Zombies and Voodoo Magic

 The exploration extends to Africa, specifically the Kingdom of Congo, where European missionaries encountered traditional bokor or witch doctors practicing voodoo magic. Stories of raising the dead and creating zombies through ancient rituals raise questions about the origin of such practices. Ancient astronaut theorists propose that voodoo magic might have originated from extraterrestrial teachings, connecting African myths of sky gods with elongated skulls to the concept of resurrecting the dead.


 As the article unravels the threads of magic, extraterrestrials, and ancient wisdom, it leaves us with a tapestry of intriguing possibilities. From the mysticism of en no yoa to the Watchers of Mount Hermon and the enigmatic orishas of Africa, the narrative suggests that humanity’s pursuit of supernatural knowledge may have deeper roots in extraterrestrial influence. Whether these connections are mere speculation or hidden truths waiting to be unveiled, the allure of the mystical and the unexplained continues to captivate our collective imagination.

Magic, Extraterrestrials, and Ancient Mysteries Unveiled


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Magic, Extraterrestrials, and Ancient Mysteries Unveiled
Magic, Extraterrestrials, and Ancient Mysteries Unveiled
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