Incas, among them, were the giants? Original article by Alessandro Brizzi.

It’s all very simple, ten thousand years ago, in the midst of the people of the Incas, there were also giants! It’s obvious ! if you see the video you can give an account of how the shooting facilities from my friend Brien Foerster, have footholds in the edges, as if the stones were transported by hand. The edges of the stones or blocks you want to define them as you, there are protrusions, as if they were used to take them with his hands, now I can not pinpoint whether the same Inca were the Titans, or between them there was a race of giants I can only say that what I say is so obvious that I find it strange that scholars, archaeologists or historians, have never even mentioned such a thing.

I remain convinced that the giants have always existed, and I remain convinced that the giants actually were the predominant race of long ago the Anunnaki! According to my recent research I can also say that there is a certain correlation between the Anunnaki and Nephilim, so do not rule out that we can deal with both. You know, you know the fact that the Nephilim were or are a giant breed, so why not? I think those stones those monoliths that have remained intact over thousands of years, are only a small part of what was once the ancient civilization. There are numerous stones or titanic origins buildings scattered around the globe, and many of them have these protrusions shaped handles. Just so you can explain how these great monoliths were transported, it is useless for modern scholars argue that these assumptions are just science fiction, this is the obvious reality! I would understand you, my readers and supporters what you think, you make constructive comments and free thought, but please pronounced everything you think, your ideas will help me in my research thanks.

Incas, among them, were the giants? Original article by Alessandro Brizzi.




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Incas, among them, were the giants Original article by Alessandro Brizzi.