Clouds cut, original article by Alessandro Brizzi.

But what a sight and the plane did not even notice! Friends ufologists, who see this video, cuts through a cloud and the air passage of the line to be noted.

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But how can they have such a quiet technology? Friends are really fascinated by this technology, as if all of a sudden we are in an airliner and decide to accelerate the quantum speed. My question is fairly obvious, you can never hope to have these technologies? Clearly, if the spacecraft can afford to cut in this way a cloud, it probably means consists partly of the same material. In my previous videos and studies it seems that “they” have to do directly with the Earth‘s climate.

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It almost seems that they are able to manipulate it. I believe that the spacecraft that is evident in the video is a kind of standard spacecraft, for us as a standard air line. If you notice that it is characterized by all that we imagine when we think of “them.” This is what I want to say that it is structurally perfect in its components. In the past we have seen how these phenomena, but never so relevant. When my “friends” have exposed me this video, I was shocked and at the same time fascinated. If “they” have this technology so sophisticated, how can we detect with the naked eye? or even less with our rudimentary radar? Well time to time, sooner or later humans will be able to match these technologies, but when they do, “they” will be even more evolved. Friends we must seek the truths that we face every day, we must think of it as “their”, just so one day we can fully understand their vital essence. For my part, my mission is this, to know the truth! I really have to close because there is a big storm is coming, outside, enjoy yours.

Clouds cut, original article by Alessandro Brizzi.



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Clouds cut, original article by Alessandro Brizzi.

Clouds cut