Bob Lazar, the one who knows the truth?

Bob Lazar, the one who knows the truth?

Bob Lazar, the one who knows the truth? Original article by Alessandro Brizzi.

Robert Scott Lazar is an American entrepreneur, self-styled physicist and controversial central figure in the UFO discussion.


Lazar claimed to have worked in the S-4 area of the Nevada Test Site (near Area 51) under the special request of Edward Teller.

 In an interview, Lazar describes the flying saucer structures in details, after having drawn them previously, and says that these “aircraft” were sustained thanks to three species of “folding pots”, which would allow to choose the flight directions, but paradoxically also that these objects were as fast and powerful as they were unstable.

The so-called UFOs would not have been built by humans, as the cockpit was a child’s size; so with this statement Lazar would like to document the thesis that these technological means would be built and piloted by aliens; moreover, the aircraft would not have presented welding points, as if they had been entirely made up of a single piece and, moreover, of an unknown material on Earth.

With respect to personal data, the name of Lazar was found in the archives of Los Angeles Pierce College and ranked among the students with the worst results. He is also registered at the college at a time when he supports himself by attending courses at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology at a distance of 4000 km. At this university and the California Institute of Technology, which Lazar claims to have attended successfully. Lazar founded United Nuclear, a company that supplies laboratory materials, especially samples of radioactive elements, magnets, air gel, and chemicals. The US magazine Wired states that in 2003 Lazar, his wife and his partner were arrested for the sale of dangerous explosive materials and subsequently sentenced in 2006.  “I’m sure of what I’ve seen, traditional science and physics have nothing to do with this Extraterrestrial aircraft, this technology is hundreds and hundreds of years ahead of our”

(From Sightings: The UFO report) by Bob Lazar

This project intended to study the propulsion system and was the main field of study for Lazar who had received the task of studying information on propulsion and the role of gravity, as well as the means of propulsion.

The Sidekick project

Study the potential of a “ray gun” of the spacecraft trying to create a prototype. It was a very powerful weapon that was based on gravity and its destructive use seemed unlimited.

Looking Glass Project

This project concerned the study of space and time, and its purpose was to control them. The confrontation with the aliens: A disaster in the base Barry Castillio, partner of Lazar, had told the story of contrasts occurred in 1979 between the aliens and the humans of the base. Apparently, the aliens played a direct role in the structure in which the experiments took place. Bob Lazar had worked in a secret underground laboratory and in the S4 area. The projects were so reserved that few had access to the place where they had to work.

The underground laboratory

Hidden in a mountain is a laboratory including nine hangars, each containing an alien Spaceship.

This is the place where Bob Lazar worked. In addition to studying the propulsion system of alien spaceships and gaining experience in the performance of these Aircraft, Lazar and other scientists were instructed to study the aliens and their interaction with the human race.

15 years of direct exchange of technologies between aliens and S4 scientists. The record is one of nine, donated to the US government in a “change” program in the early 1970s. The aircraft manufacturers, and fuel suppliers, come from the star system of Zeta Reticuli. What we have exchanged to know their technology is unknown. Lazar was involved in the Galileo project.

Bob Lazar, the one who knows the truth?



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Bob Lazar, the one who knows the truth?
Bob Lazar
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