UFO landing, Mexico, Chiconcúatlua, Puebla State; Original article by Alessandro Brizzi.

On 2 December 2020, from the Chiconcúatlua locality, in the state of Puebla, an extraordinary recording of a UFO was reported during its landing, taken by a witness from inside a car that was circulating in the mountainous area of this town.

The witness and author of the video, Juan Manuel Lazcano Mendia, while driving on a road near this town, noticed the presence of an object, which made a downward movement towards a ravine. Chiconcúatlua, in the state of Puebla, is located south of Zacatlan de las Manas and borders the city of Tlaola to the north. Here at this point this mysterious UFO landing was recorded and in the images you can see how the object moves slowly towards this specific site where some housing constructions in the center of a wooded area are visible, which allows us to establish distance references and movements of the UFO that after a few moments you lose sight of. This object then landed behind the small hill.

A UFO with the same characteristics was filmed in Colombia on June 28, 2020 in a village near Medellin. To capture the video is Mr. Juan Felipe Piedrahita Moreno managed to record an object similar to the one filmed in Puebla. The witness filmed the object flying in complete silence over this valley and which resembles that of Puebla after a graphic comparison of the two objects.

Also on 21 June 2020 in Panama City, which is about 532 km from Medellin (Colombia), a very similar object was filmed which descended into the port area. 2020 has reached a point where it has been possible to record the same type of UFO several times and in different countries, cities and witnesses establishing the repeatability of this phenomenon which is presented more frequently and openly by many witnesses.

UFO landing, Mexico, Chiconcúatlua, Puebla State


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UFO landing, Mexico, Chiconcúatlua, Puebla State

UFO landing, Mexico, Chiconcúatlua, Puebla State