Submarine structure, discovered in the Pacific, could be alien!

Submarine structure, discovered in the Pacific, could be alien!

Submarine structure, discovered in the Pacific, could be alien! Original article by Alessandro Brizzi.

A mysterious underwater structure has been discovered in the Pacific. Is it a natural formation, an ancient structure created by a lost civilization or an unknown modern construction that few have heard of? The anomaly was discovered by Mac McIver, who is an amateur underwater archaeologist.

McIver said:

“My diving career has been fundamental to my interest in the subject and, as such, it has led me to this point where I like to spend time studying the seabed on Google Earth, which is the program I was using when I discovered the anomaly. I first noticed the structure in August 2018.
My curiosity has attracted me to that place since I visited the island of Coconut (Isla do Coco) aboard a boat with a group of underwater hikers. We were close to this island for 10 days (Liveaboard). The island of Coconut is located in the Pacific Ocean and belongs to Costa Rica, often called the Costa Rican Galapagos. Coco hosts hammerhead sharks who visit this part of the sea in large numbers. In addition, while I was there, the Dive Excursion operators gave me (I am a retired submarine pilot) the opportunity to dive in 304m deep waters aboard a three-seater submarine that they use for scientific and tourist purposes. This is an additional attraction offered by the company to visitors to the island.
Therefore, for these reasons, my visit and exploration of the waters around Isla do Coco led me to return to the area using Google Earth. This is how I first saw the structure in deep water. This Pacific underwater structure is located about 80 km north-east of Isla do Coco at a depth of 1,800 m off the west coast of Costa Rica. If you use Google Earth, you can find it at 6 ° 04 ′ 56 ″ N, 86 ° 03 ′ 16 ″ W. “

The unknown underwater structure is huge and reminiscent of a modern airport

McIver explained: “The structure measures 128 kilometres from one side to the other. The individual lanes / roads are approximately 8 kilometres wide and have empty spaces (shadows) which seem to suggest that they are elevated above the seabed. Now, if you take a look at this comparison between a modern airport and the anomaly found in the Pacific. The arrangement of the two has an impressive similarity. The main difference is that one is located 300 meters above sea level and the other at 1,800 meters in the depths of the sea. ” 

McIver said there are other strange underwater formations in the area, and in fact there is another structure that deserves even more attention. McIver discovered a fascinating submarine structure similar to the submarine anomaly off the east coast of Costa Rica. The anomaly McIver talks about is that of the Caribbean Sea which also appears to have road-like areas, or the upper part of depth tunnel. The Caribbean Sea Anomaly is located about 100 kilometers north-east of the border between Costa Rica and Nicaragua. The coordinates are 11 ° 14 ′ 30 ″ N, 82 ° 38 ′ 53 ″ W. Without conducting an underwater study, it is very difficult to determine whether the anomaly is natural or artificial. Currently, it is also impossible to say how old the facility is. Mac McIver thinks that “the world is ready for new discoveries” and we agree with him. Our oceans are full of secrets and if we take the time to explore the underwater realms, we can find incredible structures, incredible animals and “things” that we never thought we would find.

Submarine structure, discovered in the Pacific, could be alien!


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Submarine structure, discovered in the Pacific, could be alien!
Submarine structure, discovered in the Pacific, could be alien!
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