Nephilim spaceships, top secret document reveals its existence!

Nephilim spaceships, top secret document reveals its existence! Original article by Alessandro Brizzi.

The RAND Corp was originally a project developed following the Second World War and was called Project RAND. In May 1948 he separated from the Douglas Aircraft Company and acquired his independence as a non-profit organization. 

George Kocher of the RAND Corporation published this document in November 1968, a few months after the University of Colorado completed its Condon Report. The RAND Corp document is divided into five different essays: historical aspects, astronomical aspects, the nature of relationships, phenomenological aspects, how to proceed and why. These essays explore the types of UFO sighting reports, how they are classified and a list of hypotheses surrounding the phenomenon.


The Rand Corporation document also provides an example of a detailed UFO report developed by the University together with a Colorado study group. According to the report, the power elites have such a mystifying and mind-blowing secret that they are doing all they can to keep it hidden from the public eye. We recommend that you watch the video below in its entirety in order to understand what Rand’s document actually is. In fact, the video below contains significant information and illustrates the top-secret documentation prepared by the RAND Corporation. In it the existence of UFOs and beings from other worlds is openly admitted. The video released in 2014 shows this information, and will reveal the existence of ET spaceships belonging to the Semitic people (the Nephilim) and is something that should surely be watched and shared. Rand Corporation documents can be found below:

Nephilim spaceships, top secret document reveals its existence!


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Nephilim spaceships

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