NASA monitored extraterrestrial activity on the Mars Moon “Phobos”

NASA monitored extraterrestrial activity on the Mars Moon "Phobos"

NASA monitored extraterrestrial activity on the Mars Moon “Phobos” Original article by Alessandro Brizzi.

NASA monitored extraterrestrial activity on Phobos and censored the data from space missions. UFO researchers have always speculated that the Mars moon “Phobos” could be a hollow, man-made body and by extension they believe that the monolith could also be of alien origin. Many say they are convinced that Phobos can host an alien base. Their hypotheses are mainly based on the calculations of a Russian scientist, Dr. Iosef Samuilovich who theorized that Phobos’ movements were not consistent with what was expected of a celestial body of its shape and size. In 1960, Dr. S. Fred Singer, President Eisenhower’s scientific advisor, seemed to want to support a theory about Phobos, the mysterious moon of Mars. In fact, through an article published in the scientific journal Astronautics he declared: “Phobos was accepted to be a celestial body, when in reality it could very well be an artificial satellite capable of self-management launched a long time ago by a very advanced alien race”.

Phobos is a hollow moon within it, as it is not a solid celestial object, as many scientists believed in the past. In fact, according to research carried out by the European Space Agency, the interior of Phobos is characterized by large geometrically structured caverns with right-angled walls and cavities detectable by the return of the echoes through the internal reflections of Marseille. In other words, the Phobos moon is not the typical satellite that should naturally orbit its planet. It is a fact that the origin of Phobos still remains a mystery, also because many believe that this small Martian satellite may have been intentionally placed in orbit by “someone” in the distant past. Phobos has remained shrouded in mystery since its discovery in 1877 and, even today, we are still not sure what that strange kind of moon is made of.

Cosmonaut Popovich shows the photograph taken by the Russian probe on the Phobos satellite. According to the late Marina Popovich, the image shows a cigar-shaped alien ship orbiting the Martian satellite

In the entire solar system, Phobos is the closest moon to its planet, as it orbits Mars at a distance of only 6,000 kilometers, a fact that has raised many questions among scientists who question its true origin and its purpose. In December 2015, NASA’s Mars Atmosphere and Volatile Evolution Mission (MAVEN) made numerous approaches near Phobos. “Among the data returned to Earth are some ghostly images of Phobos photographed in the ultraviolet,” said the NASA spokesperson. But nothing has ever been investigated about this satellite and the MAVEN mission data. The images MAVEN sent to the NASA control center were supposed to help solve the mystery of the moon Phobos, especially about how it was formed and what it represented. The Maven mission was intended to better assess the composition of this enigmatic object, but the mission was about to take a bad turn. Unfortunately, the probe that was heading towards Mars had to make a patrol tour around Phobos, but unexpectedly problems arose. The Maven spacecraft was about to crash into Phobos and NASA had to turn on the retractable rockets and change course. However, the probe was able to make some photographic surveys of the enigmatic satellite.

According to NASA, the comparison of the images and ultraviolet spectra of Phobos’s surface along with data obtained from asteroids and meteorites was supposed to allow scientists to understand whether the moon is indeed an asteroid captured by the planet’s gravity or if its formation has occurred. gradually around the orbit of the Red Planet. Unfortunately, the American space agency has not yet published any study on Phobos developed during the MAVEN mission. 

It is interesting to note that previous studies have made it possible to discover traces of organic molecules detected on the surface of Phobos, adding more mystery to this already mysterious Martian satellite. Without adding anything else, we need to evaluate two very interesting details about Phobos. First of all, no other moon in the Solar System is known to have an interior full of cavernous environments and right-angled walls as well as being one of the first moons to show traces of organic molecules. But the mystery behind Phobos is far more enigmatic than anyone could have imagined. In fact, when the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) was about to complete the mapping of the tiny moon of Mars, its incredible sent images showed a potato-shaped moon. The surface of Phobos is dotted with a multitude of craters, some of which are longitudinally aligned thus forming parallel lattices. Not to mention other unusual structures spotted on the satellite, including the famous Monolith that appears to stand out vertically and cast its shadow on its desolate alien surface. Phobos hides something big and not surprisingly all the space missions sent to this mysterious space boulder, such as the Russian probes Phobos 1 and Phobos 2, the American Mars Observer, disappeared inexplicably not before undergoing mysterious failures.

The latest infrared photographs obtained from one of the Russian probes appeared to show a mysterious cigar-shaped object emerging from the Phobos satellite

The latest infrared photographs obtained from one of the Russian probes appeared to show a mysterious object that logically was not supposed to be there. It was also suggested that the extraterrestrials would terminate the mission prematurely because they did not want the Russian probe to get too close to the Martian surface. The Phobos satellite, assuming it was really an extraterrestrial base, what role would it have played in the mysterious disappearance of the Russian rovers? If so, why does NASA’s Curiosity rover continue to roam undisturbed on Mars, regularly performing its reconnaissance mission?
A lot of things don’t add up about Phobos, and NASA is hiding something big maybe. A particular, in addition to the traces of organic molecules, concerns the presence of a large rectangular object similar to an artificial monolith although in the vicinity no objects with a similar shape and size have been detected, so the question is: who put this monolithic structure on Phobos? What is its purpose? And who put it in orbit around Mars? SHAPE / NATO Sergeant Major Robert Dean stated that the monolith discovered on the moon Phobos is not the only one, but other similar objects are found throughout most of the solar system, both on planets, moons and planetoids. According to Dean, these structures may have been built by an alien race and former astronaut Buzz Aldrin is convinced of this. Also according to Dean many of the monolithic and pyramidal structures, which have been discovered in the solar system and which are similar to those sighted on Mars and Phobos, may have been built or placed on purpose as signs of the presence of any alien outposts. Most of these outposts could have served, for example, to the alien race of Nephilim, inhabitants of Nibiru, to look for gold in the depths of the planets or moons that orbit around them.

NASA monitored extraterrestrial activity on the Mars Moon “Phobos”


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NASA monitored extraterrestrial activity on the Mars Moon "Phobos"
NASA monitored extraterrestrial activity on the Mars Moon “Phobos”

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