Cosmonaut, register a UFO fleet over the Antarctic; Original article by Alessandro Brizzi.

Cosmonaut Ivan Vagner recently captured footage of the auroras over the Antarctic. During the recording of the Auroras he was also able to film a fleet of UFOs, exactly “5 objects” that appeared in the time-lapse. According to Vagner in a tweet, the images showing the 5 UFOs were sent to Roscosmos for analysis.

Ivan Vagner reported on his Twitter page “Seeing five objects appear flying in parallel courses at the same distance from each other. What do you think it could be – meteors, satellites or ….? ” Vladimir Surdin, senior researcher at PK Sternberg suggested “It is almost obvious that this is the squadron of Elon Musk’s company (Starlink satellites). While they fly together, the satellites don’t fly like this, in such flocks, but after being thrown in a row, they really do move for a while. ” 

In fact, astronaut Ivan Vagner also declared: “Now, I can’t marry Vladimir Surdin’s explanation, also because it seems absurd to me. Starlink satellites are launched in series of 40 to 60 simultaneously and we often see them from the Space Station. Even if they disperse and move for a while, you will still see most of the StarLink satellites flying in the sky like a “train” and this is not the case! ” 

Also, the orbits of the Starlink satellites are somewhat similar to the ISS but significantly lower and what we see here are 5 unidentified flying objects flying into space, at a much higher altitude than the Starlink satellites, so it can be assumed that these objects are not Starlink satellites. We remind readers that Ivan Viktorovič Vagner is a Russian cosmonaut who is currently in space for the long-duration Expedition 63 mission on the ISS. Regarding this UFO sighting from the ISS, NASA and ESA have not made any statements, but a note is expected from the Russian space agency Roscosmos. 

Cosmonaut, register a UFO fleet over the Antarctic


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Cosmonaut, register a UFO fleet over the Antarctic

Cosmonaut, register a UFO fleet over the Antarctic