Blue lights, appear in the skies around the world! Original article by Alessandro Brizzi.

What is going on in the skies around the world? While we are witnessing a massive wave of UFO sightings, mysterious BLUE LIGHTS appearing in the clouds have recently appeared in the skies of Spain, the United States, Australia and other nations. Many have said that these are laser projectors or strobe lights, but from the checks carried out it would seem that they are not lasers or strobe lights that are usually projected in demonstrations, musical or theatrical events. The first image belongs to the video that was recorded in the city of Madrid, Spain, where part of the clouds that turn blue over the houses are observed at night. 

The light appears and disappears for more than seven minutes. Since shooting began on March 20, dozens of people have reported seeing something similar. Another video recorded on April 1 seems to show exactly the same lights, this time in the Queens neighborhood of New York City in the United States. Given that there are no people around the cities, all are at home for quarantine due to the Pandemic from Covid-19.
A YouTube channel, _shafasgachaworld _kittykat_, asked if it was “something paranormal”, but nobody was able to explain it. The report arrived on social Reddit four days ago, where a user posted three images of the strange blue light over Pennsylvania. I posted a report about a big bang, a roar that I heard in 3-5 municipalities in Pennsylvania two weeks ago, then these mysterious lights came and were seen immediately after.

Now I see more posts about these blue lights popping up all over the world. And another Redditor published a photo of a blue light surrounded by points suspended in the sky in Western Australia. It is not entirely clear what these lights are. In the past, similar points have been attributed to the lanterns emanating from clubs and night clubs on the floor, but the premises are now closed and people are at home for the Coronavirus pandemic, so this seems unlikely. Conspiracy theorists have been quick to offer their explanations in the comment sections for many of the posts. One wrote: “I think they are not aliens, but new governmental technologies being tested. Another suggested: “Maybe it has something to do with Elon Musk‘s latest venture.”

But a third user may have a more understandable explanation. He said the lights could appear naturally due to something called a piezoelectric effect. He wrote: “If large quartz crystal plates in the earth’s crust compress at a specific angle, a large electric field generates a local equivalent of an aurora in the sky above. This can be observed very rarely (the required compression angle is specific) during the period of serious earthquakes. “. The United States has been hit by numerous earthquakes in recent weeks, but mainly along the west coast. But on the contrary Spain and Australia have not had earthquakes in this period, which perhaps raises questions and concerns about the scientific explanation of the electric field that generates auroras. With the world in prison due to the Coronavirus pandemic, UFO sightings peaked in TOP cases after about 30 years. 

Blue lights, appear in the skies around the world!


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Blue lights, appear in the skies around the world!

Blue lights, appear in the skies around the world!