Charming human construction! Or not? Original article by Alessandro Brizzi.

I’m really shocked by the secrecy. Friends ufologists, I always wonder why our Governments keep us hidden these areas. Well, I mean, it is true that it is a military base, because they do not see at least a part? Why not show the public that it comes to this? Friends I firmly believe that a grain of truth that there are UFO technology is almost founded!

You know when you tell bizarre stories, there is always a grain of truth. For example, I live in a small seaside town located in Italy. It is a village of 4000 souls, and every time it happens a surprising fact, tell different versions. In the past, one person died struck by lightning while he was on the beach. Well gentlemen have made a thousand versions, each citizen would say different things, but you know what is the real truth? And ‘that the person is really dead! Dear friends this is to say that false stories are not 100% false, but there is always some truth. In my opinion Area 51 = (Alien base + human base).

Boyd Bushman, a renowned scientist, shortly before his death he granted an interview video in which finally reveals some secrets of Area 51, the note military area located in Nevada. Followed well and “open” the ears… the truth is not what they tell us. Bushman died August 7, 2014 at the age of 78 years, but before he died he wanted to reveal part of what happens inside Area 51. Boyd was a former Senior Scientist for Lockheed Martin company, active in the fields aerospace engineering and defense. During his career, more than 40 years, won many patents working with defense contractors such as Hughes Aircraft, General Dynamics, Texas Instruments and precisely Lockheed Martin who worked in Black Project related to Retro-Alien Technology. Bushman along with other people believed that information Area 51 were to come out, to allow people to discover the truth and see with their own eyes what is happening in the most secret rooms. According to Bushman some UFOs and some aliens are physically present inside the base. He explains how space there is a special flight path that leads directly to Area 51.

These and other thousands or perhaps some hundreds of stories like these exist, but one day we will discover the true story! 

Charming human construction! Or not?


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Charming human construction! Or not?

Charming human construction! Or not?