Brazil, huge triangular UFO, appears during a lightning storm

Brazil, huge triangular UFO, appears during a lightning storm

Brazil, huge triangular UFO, appears during a lightning storm; Original article by Alessandro Brizzi.

The incredible images we present come from the state of São Paulo in Brazil and concern the sighting of a huge triangular-shaped UFO appearing in the sky during a lightning storm.
In the late afternoon of September 16, 2021, during a thunderstorm in Itacuakesetube, in the state of São Paulo, Brazil, a black triangular UFO was documented through a DashCam (car camera) as it was struck by one of the many lightning bolts from the ongoing thunderstorm.

The mysterious object thus becomes visible right in the middle of a lightning bolt and then disappears again. Another smaller object is visible in the video just above the triangular UFO. The mysterious smaller object appears in the fraction of a second when the Triangular UFO is visible. It then disappears after performing some zigzag maneuvers. Sightings of triangular and pyramidal UFOs have become quite common in recent years, particularly above North and Central America, but not everyone thinks they are aliens visiting Earth.

There is now a well detailed case history on this matter, which sees the appearance of unidentified flying objects that occur immediately after the flash of lightning. “It is scientifically proven that during thunderstorms incredible things happen such as huge explosions, X-rays, radiation such as the H-bomb and there is even antimatter, created by lightning. And it is precisely the antimatter created during lightning that led me to come up with some of my theories about UFO sightings during thunderstorms.

“Incredible but true, thunderstorms produce beams of antimatter, the mirror substance, with opposite charges, of matter. Antimatter is an extraordinary substance, capable of transforming 100% in energy and be used as propellant for the spaceships of the future, as already imagined in the Star Trek series. This was demonstrated by an artificial satellite, which on December 14, 2009 was hit by a beam of antimatter generated by a thunderstorm 5 thousand km away.”

“Recent scientific research, tell us that the antimatter, at least in part, is channeled along the Earth’s magnetic field, heading north or south (North Pole or South Pole), similarly directing itself as the needle of a compass. The cloud of antimatter continues its journey along the Earth’s magnetic field, until it reaches a very high point in the atmosphere, mirror than where the storm occurred and then bounces back. Then charged particles (electrons and positrons) move along the Earth’s magnetic field lines following a spiral trajectory. As the particles approach the Earth, the magnetic field intensifies, with the consequence that the particles spiral faster but advance slower. I repeat the above: electrons move along the magnetic field following spiral paths, properly called helical. These spiral or helical movements of the antimatter cloud in the magnetic field could create Dimensional Portals connected with X-Points.”

“X Points or X-Points have recently been discovered by NASA, These points are typically found a few tens of thousands of miles from Earth, above Medium Earth orbit (MEO), in Geostationary Orbit (GSO) and predominantly in high Earth orbit, 22,000 miles above the blue dot. This is the point where the Earth’s magnetic field meets the Sun’s magnetic field and so bizarre “wormholes or stargates” form at this location.

“These magnetic portals are also invisible to the naked eye and do not last long and appear in random spots. Are these portals connected to lightning? I strongly believe that there is a connection between antimatter particles generated by lightning and X-Points. Lightning activates the charge of antimatter connected to the X-Points connected to the Sun and here are created the Stargates or Dimensional Portals. Extraterrestrial spaceships could use antimatter as propellant, similar to Star Trek movie, or use the Sun, X-Points and lightning to open space-time gates (Wormholes) and arrive on Earth. It’s no accident that NASA’s study of X-.Points has become Top Secret.”

Brazil, huge triangular UFO, appears during a lightning storm


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Brazil, huge triangular UFO, appears during a lightning storm
Brazil, huge triangular UFO, appears during a lightning storm
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