20,000 years ago, the Aliens left Earth.

20,000 years ago, the Aliens left Earth.

20,000 years ago, the Aliens left Earth; Original article by Alessandro Brizzi.

People who claim to have had contact with extraterrestrials often report having acquired information about the future of the Earth from foreign visitors.

They presented holographic images of our planet and explained that the future was variable because there are different times. Let’s start with the possibility that foreign visitors actually lived on Earth in times past, we would somehow be their descendants and foreign visitors our ancestors, who are worried about development on Earth, because the Earth, in a sense, also belongs to them.

Phenomena like time travel, incarnation and extraterrestrials are still three great enigmas of our present, which we cannot clarify just because we still lack the necessary superior awareness.

So, if you are looking for answers, you must first start with yourself and find out who you are, making a journey towards you, or your subconscious, because this type of journey is a journey through the history of the universe and towards the origin of the earth.

The necessary information can be found in our subconscious, in our soul DNA, to which we have access under hypnosis.

But even those that often occur in recurrent dreams, which lead us to certain places, can be clues from the past. Perhaps even in the places where we once existed in previous lives, these places could be on other planets. Many scientists and authors have long hypothesized that extraterrestrial visitors have no casual interest in our land, but rather, according to many authoritative UFO researchers, start from the assumption on the contrary there is a very close, if not direct, relationship between the Human and the Stars.

Even the novel The thirteenth guardian of the American author KM Lewis talks about these so-called Star people who have already left the earth in the distant past, but I doubt that they ever really left the earth, indeed, I believe that many star beings, many alien Star People races, they hide among people, still live in secret bases in our midst, because they too are human beings, like us and worried about Mother Earth.

20,000 years ago, the Aliens left Earth.



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20,000 years ago, the Aliens left Earth.
20,000 years ago
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