Webcam records an Alien entity next to a little girl’s bed; Original article by Alessandro Brizzi.

A terrified grandmother asks for help after capturing an Alien entity that she herself defined as “a demon”, who was standing on her grandson’s bed. This happened a few days after the child (the two-year-old) had told both his grandmother and his mother to warn an invisible intruder inside the room and to have told him to “go away”.

Tory McKenzie, 41, the grandmother of the two children, then installed an infrared camera, activated later when her two-year-old son was talking to something invisible in the middle of the night. Her grandmother checked her camera application four days later, when she found a chilling image of a figure standing in bed, then just inches from the sleeping baby and her seven-month-old brother. The mysterious entity appeared to have “a horn on its head and long claws”.

The “creature” is caught awkwardly standing, looking up, just before 3 am – and Tory, the grandmother, insists that the discovery of the mysterious presence has left her fearful for the lives of her grandchildren. When she tried to rid the house of the “evil presence” by burning essential oils and incense, she claims that the cabinets and curtains opened and closed and the music started playing by itself. The mother of five shared her story via a paranormal Facebook page asking for advice, leaving users horrified with many warning her to sell the house and others agreeing that the entity photographed looked “demonic”. The family also recorded spheres of light floating in the children’s bedroom, but the new image, captured in January, prompted Mom and Grandma to take Amber and Michael out of their room. Tory, from Las Vegas, Nevada, said, “It was so shocking when I saw that mysterious being. I had to do a double take. The first thing I saw was the horns on his head, so you immediately think he’s the devil or a demon. “

“When we recorded the video of the spheres we thought it was a family member taking care of the children, but that photo, I have no idea. It is terrifying. I showed the kids and my 13 year old son and he was scared of it. I ran home and showed my eldest son the pictures. We were just shocked and not even he could explain it. I know it’s supernatural. ” Then the children were moved out of their room and into the mom’s room. Nothing bad has happened to him yet, but the fact has sparked an incredible riot among the community of UFO-Alien and paranormal experts. Some ufologists assert that it was a Reptilian Gray and not a demon, given the presence of spheres of light both before and after the entity’s manifestation.

Webcam records an Alien entity next to a little girl’s bed


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Webcam records an Alien entity next to a little girl's bed

Webcam records an Alien entity next to a little girl’s bed