Warped skull! Because? Original article by Alessandro Brizzi.

It seems that their skull is natural, just like that! Friends ufologists, I really like to see these wonderful videos in HD, my friend Brien Foerster in this video shows us how men than once or “they” lived. There are actually remote places on Earth that no one knows and my friend O’Brien tries to make us see and know these lands in all their glory.

I like to see and study the video in high-definition, at least I do not have to strain to find oddities of all kinds. I am seeking the best for me, but especially for you. This is a video that speaks for itself, it shows in detail how the two dead have something that is not Human, their skull is not human! If today we see people with that skull, we can only and exclusively to externalize a comment: (eschewed).

I believe that in the past our life with the “they” was one thing only, in the past I think we knew perfectly and knew “they”, the neighbors and we knew we did not belong to this world. The film Stargate has always fascinated me and I think it is not just a film, but rather a pure and legitimate reality. The ancient Egyptians, the pyramids, throughout ancient Egypt, has always been a fascinating fantasy, but friends, I repeat that our ancestors did not even have the slightest knowledge of the word “fantasy”.

I think living with beings who had that kind of skull and we did not even notice, that is what I want to say is that our fathers were under no such questions, we lived together and that’s it. As I believe that they lived next to the giants, the Nephilim famous, you know many times extreme science fiction movies or tales of Homer, there is always a glimmer of truth and who knows

Warped skull! Because?


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Warped skull! Because?

Warped skull! Because?