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Visible everywhere, just look better. UFO. Friends ufologists, now can no longer hide, now they can no longer hide because they are everywhere. In this video
you see as now, they can no longer go unnoticed by humans. I wonder why? Is simple! Now are so many on the planet and in the skies around the world that actually appear for what they are. The sky of the planet Earth is full of “their”, humans are wrong not to look upwards, are so convinced themselves that they are a superior race that does not look higher.

But “they” continue to fly more and more on their heads. I can guarantee you that they have a lot to do most of us. They are studying, watching, constantly staring. Instead, even among humans, there are people who do not believe, this is a great paradox … Our scientists do they say? They say they do not exist, but I have to say it is not possible that if you really do not exist, how is it that there are millions of witnesses? Science says that when there is evidence of one thing, it means that there is! Gentlemen, here we have millions of tests !! We need to wake people up, wake up !! The biggest paradox is precise to have evidence everywhere, but there are still people who believe it is pure fantasy, I personally want to challenge all those people who do not believe, I want to challenge them with blows of testimonials, videos, and events in general. I am a being who believes in God, in Jesus Christ, and in everything he says the Holy Bible. But I also believe in the existence of different forms of life, with different histories, and different interests, even “they” are sons of God!

Visible everywhere, just look better. UFO.



To open the video, click on the picture, good view from your Alessandro Brizzi.

Visible everywhere, just look better. UFO.