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The term Vimana indicates a generic and mythological flying object, described in numerous Indian religious texts.

No physical evidence of the existence of such objects has been identified, but their description is widespread, and their use in the Mahabharata and Ramayana wars is even described.

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According to the descriptions of these sacred texts, the Vimana are able to both fly in the air, in space and dive underwater. It seems that the etymology of the word Vimana derives from vi-māna, that is, “Place of which measures have been taken”.

The word also has the meaning of Hindu temple. Another plausible etymological theory is that which would make the word “Vimana” come from the union of “vi” (a word meaning “bird”, or more generally something flying) and māna (a word that indicates something artificial and of inhabited area).

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“Once upon a time the gods showed themselves to the men in the Vimana, splendid aircraft, the fruit of an impressive technology. In the ancient Indian treatises the secret of their construction and the catastrophic events that changed the Earth.

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Earth origins

It is now well established that the most ancient terrestrial civilizations matured high achievements in the literary, artistic, political and metaphysical field, expression of a high degree of intellectual growth flourished over the years. Several powerful kingdoms succeeded in the dominion of vast territories of the known world, with the annexation of other people under their aegis, sign of a determined and efficient state structure. Another thing is to state that our predecessors were in possession of a high technology that closely resembles the scientific achievements of the third millennium. Such a thesis would completely overturn modern society, suddenly negating a slow path of conquests full of sacrifices that have given our species the status of Homo Sapiens Sapiens. The first step to be taken is to welcome the ancient sacred texts in a scientific key with an open mind, revealing in this sense the obscure terminology of individuals who witnessed phenomena beyond their comprehension. If in the same books we find, however, detailed technical descriptions in a modern language of strange machines driven by an unknown energy, things take on another perspective. The writer, although unaware of aeronautical principles, mastered specific knowledge that allowed him to unveil an ancient science.

Admitting it leads to the next step, the comparative research of evidence that reveals the secret of the Vimana. In 1875, an ancient manuscript of the fourth century was discovered. B.C. composed of the essay Bharadwaja, the Vymaanika-Shastra or Science of Aeronautics, which details the construction and flight characteristics of a Vimana, which is differentiated into four main models with different functions: Shakuna, Sundara, Rukma and Tripura.

The drawings that emerge from the descriptions show authentic spaceships.

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The text contains this statement: “Experts in aviation science say: ‘What can fly from one place to another is a Vimana’. Experts say that what can fly in the air, from an island to another island, from one world to another, is a Vimana “. The possibility of reaching other planets in the cosmos was normal in those times, the result of a high science that explored the boundaries of the solar system and asserted the habitability of Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, the Sun and the Moon.

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Solar system

A star chart of 4,000 B.C., belonging to the scholar David Davenport, shows the contacts between the Earth and other distant star systems, home of advanced civilizations. The Vymaanika-Shastra, after giving instructions on the equipment and the diet of pilots similar to that of the astronauts, goes on to list 32 secrets that they must adopt in flight, the most important of which is the transfer of latent spiritual powers in man to the same machine.

Followed by: invisibility, alteration of form, hyper sonic speed, radar, spy cameras and sound detection devices, infrared rays, creation of holograms to confuse enemies, concentration of sunlight over vast areas, temporary darkness, ultrasonic and bacteriological weapons. Few differences with today’s spy aircraft. The aerodynamic shape of the devices pushed to raise wonderful sacred structures of pyramidal shape, Vimana for the followers of Tantrism, still visible throughout India, which indicate the temple of the god in motion. Various races of deities, constantly in contact with Indian monarchs, attended ritual sacrifices by spreading flowers from their Vimana, and resumed the path of heaven at the end”.

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Vimana, definition and study. A-Z index of Cognitio.