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USO is the English acronym of Unidentified Submerged Object, similar to UFO.

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With this term within the ufology, objects that are spotted beneath the surface of the sea are defined and that they have not been able to come back to known objects or means. The sightings are fewer than those of the most famous UFOs. Such sightings, due to natural phenomena or newly-conceived vehicles (and for example military), are often attributed to extraterrestrial origin in the theories of the conspiracy on UFOs.

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Some ufologists believe that numerous oceanic bases are located in the ocean depths. The USO is nothing more than submarine UFOs, in fact large light alien spaceships traveling underwater then emerging from high speed water or landing on the seabed. In particular, alien spaceships have always been documented, extending out of the sea at very high speeds, shifting enormous amounts of water that often invest and flip near boats.

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Recent surveys on the underwater seas have revealed huge alien spaceships lying on the seabed. This is the case at the CNR Institute of Marine Geology at Bologna (Italy), which used oceanographic vessels in southern Tyrrhenian to draw maps in great detail of sea bottom. A sonar technique was used to detect the seabed and everything on it thanks to the echo of complex acoustic signals, and of course a huge light cigar form spaceship lying on the seabed, absolutely identical to those found in the high layers of the atmosphere. The presence of ufologic activity in the seabed seems to be linked to the existence of submarine alien bases, as would also be evidenced by some technological finds present in the seabed. In 1964, he was photographed at the bottom of the sea “Eltanin antenna”, at a depth of 4114 meters, from the NAT polar vessel Eltanin, which was detecting in the Antarctic waters, studying the ocean and the ocean floor. The object is located in an area of 1600 km west of Cape Horn, in the depths of some of the most inhospitable seas in the world. What this ship photographed looks like a big metal rod that stands right on the ocean floor, with twelve pegs that radiate from it, each ending with a sphere. The pegs are fifteen degrees from each other.

USO, definition and study. A-Z index of Cognitio.



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USO, definition and study. A-Z index of Cognitio.