Us Army, know what the light fleets spotted all over the world are! Original article by Alessandro Brizzi.

A former police detective ruled out that the series of sightings would have been attributed to the presence of balloons, satellites or drones, stating that “they are not man-made.” Since the beginning of the year, several videos have appeared online, showing groups of lights (UFO fleets) in the sky in formation, flying over the cities of the United States and Europe. 

As for residents in Texas, Washington, Michigan and California, they have posted videos showing objects in the sky – with many spheres of light taking on a red color. After the huge increase in sightings, the British tabloid Daily Star spoke with Gary Heseltine, a former police detective, who is now studying the UFO phenomenon.

Gary said, “I’m sure some people in the U.S. military know what these items are. I suppose there are remote drones, but not artificial ones. As for their goal, I don’t know. ” The detective speaks of remote drones as objects remotely controlled by extraterrestrial forces. Perhaps multidimensional alien drones, as defined by Massimo Fratini, an Italian ufologist who is investigating the latest UFO sightings in Italy. “There are many reports of UFO Flottillas sightings, they are often mistaken for the StarLink fleet of satellites, but many of these sightings do not fall into the category of satellites. 

“I have received videos from many people who do not know each other and who have managed to film fleets of light spheres that flew at low altitude in cluster formation. These spheres moved in zigzags and stopped in the sky. I don’t think they were Chinese drones, satellites or lanterns. These spheres could be ships of light remotely, guided remotely by extraterrestrial civilizations through small Wormholes. ” 

“As for their goal, I believe they are here on Earth because they see a wrong and dangerous development of our Humanity. I’m here to follow closely and try to interact with Humans. ” Gary Heseltine, publisher of UFO Truth Magazine, who worked for the British police for 24 years before creating the UFO sighting database on police, also claims to have more than 500 reports of UFO sightings and UFO fleets also reported by police. Gary said that sightings of a fleet of lights in the sky have been reported since the 1980s, but the anomalous aspect of these objects is that they change color, from white to yellow, from blue to red, as one of the videos of the 2020 which is much more unusual than others. ” 

Us Army, know what the light fleets spotted all over the world are!


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Us Army, know what the light fleets spotted all over the world are!

Us Army, know what the light fleets spotted all over the world are!