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UFO declassified documents: one from Spain (not) news. Saturday, October 22, 2016, a major Madrid daily, El Mundo, has attracted great attention with a detailed article in which it appeared a supposed news on declassifying a number of documents on UFO sightings produced by the Spanish Ministry of Defense agencies between 1962 and 1995.

These are files concerning complex and interesting cases, but in reality – as soon as the Spanish scholars have pointed out Ricardo Campo Vicente-Juan Ballester Olmos – actually the real news is not. In fact, these documents were declassified many years ago (between 1992 and 1999) and have since been made available to UFO researchers and the general public. The only novelty is that now have been digitized and uploaded from the offices of the Ministry of Defense of the Iberian country.

We learn that premiered Ballester Olmos has made an article about it and that it will soon be published on the website of the Ministry of Defense of Madrid. The declassification of UFO important documents of various origins – civilian and military – produced by public authorities of the various countries of the world is a well-established process for decades and in some cases (the United States, Great Britain, Spain) now produced in large measure. October 24, this site had commented the Spanish news that essentially gave a new for declassification of Spanish military documents actually took place many years ago. As announced, today, the scholar who in his time was the promoter of the liberalization and who collaborated in sight of it with the Ministry of Defense of the Iberian country, Vicente-Juan Ballester Olmos, published on the website of the Virtual Library of the Ministry (BVD) a document which explains in detail the online display of the digitized and downloadable documents. The article, in Spanish, titled Los expedientes desclasificados UFO-Online and is the necessary source for Getting a correct assessment of those sources, and for a rational explanation of their peculiarities, characteristics, and limitations.

UFO declassified documents: one from Spain (not) news.



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UFO declassified documents one from Spain (not) news