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UFO crash in Canyon (Candor Chasma) of Mars? The image appears to show a structure buried in the ground and the long trail of darker terrain to result gives the impression of having been carved out by a disc-shaped aircraft before crashing to the ground. The images would not leave room for doubt: the one shown in images taken by the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter NASA UFO crash would be a full-blown. 

The image was acquired with the HiRISE instrument mounted on the spacecraft and portrays a part of the canyon named Candor Chasma within the Valles Marineris system. The area is characterized by a massive accumulation of sedimentary layers, then subsequently eroded by the wind. However, the illusion of something artificial is very strong. For those who have the ability to use Google Earth, you can set the Martian mode is connected to the following coordinates: 6 ° 25’44.38 “S 76 ° 53’43.87” W. Clearly, being known for some time, the unusual image stirring debate among possibilists, that is, those who believe that it might be a UFO crashed on Mars or a buried structure, and skeptics, according to which it is only the ‘yet another case of Pareidolia, that is the function of our mind that makes us also recognize patterns in the chaotic images. 

The possibilists, first of which the well-known Scott Waring, is convinced that it is a UFO and that somehow it is a confirmation of the fact that Mars, at one time not too remote, has hosted a technologically advanced civilization. This structure buried my point of view is very similar to a flying saucer suddenly landed on the surface of Mars. The anomaly could be the fantastic discovery of an alleged alien spaceship crashed in remote times on the red planet.



To open the video click on the image, good view from your Alessandro Brizzi.

UFO crash in Canyon (Candor Chasma) of Mars