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UFO conspiracy theory in documents of Ufology. The conspiracy theory concerning UFOs is a conspiracy theory that holds that the evidence regarding the unidentified flying objects and the presence of aliens on Earth, have been hidden by various governments around the world, including the most active would be the United States of America.

This conspiratorial theory has many variations depending on the authors, ranging from simple UFO recovery that would have crashed to the ground, killing the crew alien to the idea that governments would actually be in communication or cooperation with hypothetical extraterrestrial entities. As reported by David Morrison, a member of the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry these theories are supported by little or no evidence. A founding member of the SETI, Carl Sagan points out in his Cosmos series that “extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.” However, many people claim that there would be a general cover-up implemented by some parties of the US government. The former US Senator Mike Gravel said that the White House has repeatedly suppressed, ignored and/or downplayed the evidence. Some generals, pilots, and government officials have stated in the minutes the same thing.

According to others, even extraterrestrials would influence government policy (Exopolitics). The reason is related to the governments’ desire to avoid having to admit the existence of the UFO phenomenon without being able to explain and to contain the hysteria caused by this news in the particular historical period.

They have never emerged credible evidence of UFO of extraterrestrial origin. The astronomer Carl Sagan, former science advisor to the Project Blue Book, believes truthful conclusions of the Project, according to which for unexplained UFO cases there is no evidence of an extraterrestrial origin.

In this regard, James Oberg, a former NASA engineer, added that the unexplained UFO cases can not constitute evidence for any hypothesis. In my point of view, ok for some it is not truthful arguments, but then I wonder and say, we want to do a scientific survey, and establish those who think one way and those who think in another, then compare the two samples and drawing conclusions? Surely the majority will opt for those who believe in the conspiracy, then scientifically the conspiracy theory is real, right scientists around the world?

UFO conspiracy theory in documents of Ufology.



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UFO conspiracy theory in documents of Ufology.