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UFO bond with clouds in the sky? UFO sighting. It is not the first time that my “friends” I report this video Friends ufologist, and after several phone calls from my various partners and supporters, I present the video of the video. The other day, while I’m doing my usual walk in the pine forest of my fabulous country, it sounds to burst my phone. My staff calls me when we know who notice a Crazy Video, inform me immediately.

So saying he ran a crazy video on the web, once had the link went to see him and I immediately jumped to the head, is a fake! But my friends told me that I was wrong … after the phone call from my colleague, then I got the call from my “friends” and you know who I’m talking about. They immediately said: Brother … the video that introduced your coworker is authentic … at that point, I immediately hung up. Friends, crazy, no, I do not believe .. so why? namely, how did I know I had contacted my co-worker? absurd! But thinking about it carefully and I thought … it’s true my “friends” know everything! I believe that friends are amazed? that is, I have already given for granted that it was a fake … But despite everything I told my “friends” I still can not believe 100%. To us, UFO enthusiasts watch a video like this, it means enjoying the pure state, is too good to be true !! But honestly, I also believe that many times, as in cases of police operations, many times, in fact, most of the time, the truth is the one most taken for granted.

So with friends, I expect the comments of all kinds, but do not overdo it, of course, because I remember that I work for the pursuit of Knowledge, then they have confidence in me.

UFO bond with clouds in the sky? UFO sighting.



 To open the video, click on the picture, good view from your Alessandro Brizzi.

UFO bond with clouds in the sky UFO sighting.