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This what or who? But is he? … What we all know? or what? reptiles friends, you have to end to mask their identity, here in this video shows it all, as we can not deny that there is something strange mysterious in this video?

Enough of these illusions, now is the time to reveal to the world that you’re so, now among us, tell the world, or at least confirms everything … because humans now know everything, or at least a few human beings they know everything, there are human beings who do not know, they just want to not believe the evidence, do not understand why they do not believe anything a priori, on television around the world now you see what I am, “they” use of holograms when their technology does not work they experience situations like these. This what or who? Or maybe humans have reached now, a knowledge so vast as to create technologies that allow you to actually see what they are. Friends I just want to say one thing, tell me the truth, you really think that this video is a fake? You really think that this video that was aired in front of millions of people is manipulated by someone? I think not, also because actually, you can clearly see that defect only slowing the picture, who knows how many times “they” have aired without anyone noticing … Well, my studies related to these breeds, defined ” Reptilian “led me to the definitive findings. On planet Earth at this time, there is not a single intelligent race, but three! 3 is because: there is the human race, the reptilian race and the race of
Nephilim. This last is the most evolved race and most ruthless, in some ways perhaps the most outrageous, when we are faced with one of them must be very careful.




To open the video, click on the picture, good view from your Alessandro Brizzi.

This what or who? But is he? ... What we all know?