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Testimony! This happened all over the world. Friends ufologists, when I look at this video makes me goose bumps. What has happened in this country the United States is striking. This video was handed to me directly from the author, where it tells me that there is a copy on youtube, he has explicitly said that it’s all true. He said that the copy on youtube was quickly inserted only to let everyone know the truth in 2010. But I have today instructed personally to describe the reality and circumstances, in fact on Youtube does not describe the story it will be the author video. I still do not know why I was contacted for this mission, but I do not ask much. The story is that an English family moved to the United States, did not tell me where. As soon as she moved the same day there were strange events, so the eldest son decided to take everything with the camera. Now that’s a testimony! This video was filmed over several days, so the eldest son after the last kidnapping episode decided to give the camera to his friend, who told him where to post it on YouTube. At this point, the friend who posted the video on Youtube has also organized with the music, and it is gone, in fact, as you can see on the video channel is empty. I hope that sooner or later this truth is told by the family that has suffered all this. However, if it happens I will tell you the news! Here you see? I mean by this collaboration, I mean to know the truth. If all of you and myself included, we begin to really study these phenomena, sooner or later we arrive at Knowledge, so be debates, commented, it is just what I want, I want to confront power with each of you, take the curious comments, especially serious and constructive for the good of the community, enjoy this wonderful video.




To open the video, click on the picture, good view from your Alessandro Brizzi.

Testimony! This happened all over the world.