Stealth, UFO and Aircraft

Stealth, UFO and Aircraft; Original article by Alessandro Brizzi.

t is called a stealth or invisible radar aircraft, an airplane made with technologies that make it imperceptible to radar or other localization devices (or even to the eye). The use of stealth technologies, applied first and most successfully to aircraft, is also widespread as a constructive concept of hovercraft, naval units, helicopters. Stealth technology is achieved using a complex design philosophy that reduces the ability of the enemy’s sensors to detect, track, or attack the stealth plane. This philosophy also takes into account the heat, noise, and other emissions (Radar, radio) of the aircraft, since they can be used to locate it. In practice, the invisibility of aircraft to enemy defenses can not be limited to radar scoring, but also extends to the thermal signature (mainly given by engine exhaust) and to electronic emissions (from the on-board radar etc.), as well as visibility optics of the Aircraft

The first stealth aircraft in history was the German bomber Horten. This aircraft was in fact the first Flying wing in the world, and preceded the US derived from the remains of this aircraft, at least two or three years. The Horten made its first flight in 1944 and became operational in the months before the surrender of Germany, officially it was never used in action. With his Junkers jet he could reach 1000 km away at a speed of 1024 km per hour and fly to 15000 meters of altitude reaching a maximum of 16000; if he had ever entered service he could in fact have been able to overturn the results of the war: invisible to the radar, his share was superior to the range of the anti-aircraft and rockets and could easily reach England and the Russian front. Some rumors tell that this aircraft and its stealth technology derived from the studies of German engineers since the ’30s (the Horten brothers) following the discovery of UFOs crashed to the ground in Germany and Italy, and subsequently delivered together with the study material to the Nazi government.

From these studies, and these UFOs precipitated to the ground, besides the Horten, the famous flying saucers of the Reich, the Vril, would have been derived; But to us in this case affects the fact that from them, the Horten would have taken the stealth technology and part of its shape, as well as according to Ben Rich would have happened with the aircraft of this kind of American manufacture. During the “Paperclip” operation, engineers, material and even parts of the aircraft were introduced to US soil.

Stealth, UFO and Aircraft


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Stealth, UFO and Aircraft

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