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Signs new life! Or old? They seem to be the Egyptian columns. Ufologists friends, dear foreign friends, today I want to show you something nothing short of impressive. It is a video in which you notice strange stones on Mars

When I see this video, I do not know why I come to the famous columns of ancient Egypt mind. 

By the way, I think there is a sort of connection between ancient Egypt and “them.” So many things are strange, so many depictions that portray events and strange figures. As you dear friends I do not believe in coincidences, and I have never doubted in my beliefs, seeing these rocks on Mars, I can say with absolute certainty that civilizations existed long ago on this red planet. The planet Earth is much younger than the other, how do you not believe that there was some form of life?

It would be interesting to imagine that Mars once inhabited the ancient Egyptians Now we have the newspapers full of images of the surface of Mars, and now you can no longer have doubts about, now that we found these strange stones, take care to rebuild the true history of the red planet.

Scientists have found a faithful copy of the three pyramids complete with a Sphinx on Mars, the same positions, the same measurements, equal distances between a pyramid and the other. Friends but you think about it ….. million years ago the inhabitants of Mars had similar stories to our millions of years ago, they lived on their planet happily, not now or ever imagined such an end existential. From reliable sources, but this time I can not say who, they told me that studying the various letters reported on the famous UFO crashed in Roswell, telling that in the era of their existence on Mars, they had a messiah, as our Jesus Christ. Signs of new life! Their Messiah was called and is called Ra. Friends, different planets, different stories, but all similar to each other, now you can understand why Mars with its pyramids is similar to Earth!

Signs new life! Or old? They seem to be the Egyptian columns.




To open the video, click on the picture, good view from your Alessandro Brizzi.

Signs new life! Or old They seem to be the Egyptian columns.