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The Sign project was an official US government study on unidentified flying objects (UFOs) carried out in the United States by the United States.

Air Force between 1947 and the end of 1948. Officially, the project came to no conclusion on the origin of the phenomenon by writing in the final report that “the existence of flying disks could neither be confirmed nor denied.

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Flying saucer

However, before that conclusion, most of the Commission’s researchers argued in an unpublished official report that UFOs in some cases were probably of extraterrestrial origin.

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The investigations initiated by him were recommended by General Nathan F. Twining, later responsible for the Air Material Command. 

Earlier, the Air Force General at the intelligence division, George Schulgen, had completed a series of preliminary reports on many sightings, called by the military authorities as “flying disks”, which received considerable publicity due to the screening of the June 24, 1947 by rider Kenneth Arnold. In the formal letter to Schulgen dated September 23, 1947, Twining writes:

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Kenneth Arnold

The reported phenomenon is real, it is not the fruit of a mere vision or something imaginary.

Objects have been observed, probably in the form of a disc, of an appreciable size similar to that of an airplane.

The operating features of the object show extraordinary maneuverability, with evasive movements performed at the time of sighting, or during airplane contact, making it plausible that some objects can be manually controlled, automatically or remotely.

On January 22, 1948, the Sign Project initially began as a branch of the Technical Intelligence Center (ATIC) at Wright-Patterson base, under the leadership of Captain Robert R. Sneider. An extremely important research was considered. Ruppelt wrote that the Project “was considered priority 2A, (1A was the top priority). Although it was classified as” confidential “, the existence of the study was made public by the name of” Disc Project “. At the beginning of the modern age of UFO research, the U.S. Air Force admitted the existence of flying disks. As Ruppelt wrote:

ATIC specialists confided to me that within a few months, or at most a year, they would answer the question: “What are UFOs?” The question: “Do UFOs exist?” He did not even wonder. The members of the project claimed to have dozens of inexplicable air observations, many of which were made by pilots and scientists. Objects seemed to act as though they were equipped with a technology of non-terrestrial origin. With the emergence of Chiles-Whitted, there was, in fact, a fracture in the staff: those who supported extraterrestrial origin, and those who refused it, in favor of a more “prosaic” explanation. At the end of 1948, the Sign Project was carried on with discontinuity, and the name was replaced by another negatively addressed, the Grudge Project

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Grudge project

Ruppelt declares that the choice of the word “Grudge” (rancor, envy) to describe the new project had been chosen. Ruppelt notes that the period of the Grudge Project was considered as the “dark age” of the UFO Air Invasion. Towards the end of 1949, almost 20% of sightings, was classified by the same Grudge project as “unidentified”. Towards the end of 1951, according to Ruppelt, some of the influential Pentagon generals, discouraged by the climate of accreditation enveloping the project, dismantled and replaced it with the Blue Book Project, and Ruppelt himself commanded.

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Project Blue Book

Sign project , definition and study. A-Z index of Cognitio.



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Sign project , definition and study. A-Z index of Cognitio.

Sign project