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A Saros is a period of 18.03 years at the end of which the same lunar and solar eclipses are repeated. During a Saros occur 29 Moon Eclipse and 41 Eclipse of Sun;

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Moon eclipse

As the Earth rotates about 120º in 8 hours the same eclipse will repeat itself at a different location at the end of each cycle.  The discovery of the Saros cycle is due to the Chaldean’s about 2,500 years ago, as their clay tablets testify. They realized that the Moon, the Sun and the Earth were found in the same condition cyclically and therefore, once a solar eclipse occurred, the next one, in the same place, would occur after 6585 days. This number was handed down in secret and was considered “magical”. Today we know that to repeat almost exactly the same places, between every eclipse must pass 3 Saros of 54 years. Always taking these clay tablets as the source of information, it seems that the ancient Chaldean’s had compiled long lists of observations made on lunar and solar eclipses, and when they consulted these data they realized that they were periodically recurring. At these periodic cycles the priests gave the name Saros ie “repetition” and the number of years between them was repeatedly used to predict the date of eclipses and this gave them prestige and reverential fear. Even the Stonehenge site, about 2000 years ago, was nothing other than a gauge of positions of present and future astronomical events.

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Based on alignments of the megaliths and special markers, the ancients represented the reference of the shift of the Moon and the Sun. After the latest archaeological finds about some of the writings found on Central American monuments, Maryland University formed a center where archaeologists and astronomers working in close collaboration came to the deduction that some populations like the Maya, Inca, and Aztecs succeeded to determine with great precision the days when an eclipse was likely, reaching the same conclusions as the Old World peoples had come to.

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Saros Cycle, definition and study. A-Z index of Cognitio.



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Saros Cycle, definition and study. A-Z index of Cognitio.

Saros Cycle