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The reptile snake men or men are legendary creatures mentioned in the mythology and folklore of various cultures, having features of humanoid reptile.

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In contemporary times they are also present in science fiction, ufology and conspiracy theories, which they also use to describe the terms of reptilian, reptilian, humanoid reptilian,  saurians, lizard man, Homo saurus and lizard people.

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Conspiracy theory

Paleontologist Dale Russell, then curator of vertebrate fossils at the National Museum of Canada in Ottawa, suggested in 1982 a hypothetical evolutionary path that they could follow the Troodon, a predatory dinosaur biped, if it was not gone mass extinction of Cretaceous-Paleocene 65 million years ago. The idea was met with skepticism in general, although some scientists have considered challenging to speculative level. Many ancient cultures mention in their traditions and folklore in the presence of men reptile. The Hopi Native Americans tell of the existence of a race of men who would live underground reptile called SHETI or Snake Brothers.

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In pre-Columbian mythology, named Bachue the primordial Eve turns into a large snake, also called The Serpent of Heaven. The first mythical king of Athens, Cecrops was half man and half snake. In Greek mythology, the Titans had snakes servants and the Giants and the Giants are sometimes depicted in the form of eel, or with legs formed by snake-endings, as the Klyteros giant, depicted in the bas-relief frieze of the Giants on the Altar of Pergamon.

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Even the wind Boreas (Kite to the Romans) was described in the form of eel. In Indian scriptures and legends, the Naga are beings in the shape of snake that was believed to live underground, while also having contacts with men. In some versions, it was reported that these beings had lived on a continent that would eventually sunk in the waters of the Indian Ocean. Indian texts also refer to another race of men serpent called Sarpa. The Syrictæ, a tribe of men with similar nostrils to those of snakes in place of the nose with the legs in the shape of coil. In Chinese culture, Vietnamese, Korean and Japanese, are handed down the legends of dragons or Long, forms halfway between the physical plane and the astral plane, but rarely described in humanoid form, and that can take shape between the human and the reptilian. The Japanese told stories about Kappa, a mythological people of humanoid amphibians. In the Middle East they are known Jinn, men snake or dragons spoken of since ancient times. In an apocryphal book falsely identified as the lost Book of Jasher, a serpent race of men it is described. The ancient Egyptian god Sobek was reproduced as a man with a crocodile head. In Mali there is a population, the Dogon, who owns a foundation myth which includes a man reptile. The Dogon say they descend from the god Amma, from the star Po Tolo (Sirius B). Other scholars of the Dogon, however, believe that actually this star is not really known by the Dogon, and report that the error may be due to language difficulties or misinterpretation. In my point of view, the Reptilians, just are a breed that is born with the human race, but which over the millennia has evolved, and now lives with humans, without the latter even notice. For years they lived hidden, but now have found ways and technology to coexist with the other race that inhabit the Earth.

Reptilian, definition and study. A-Z index of Cognitio.




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Reptilian, definition and study. A-Z index of Cognitio.