Religions, were they created by aliens? Original article by Alessandro Brizzi.

According to a new theory, it is possible that religions were intentionally created by aliens to keep us at bay. The origins of the human race have always remained wrapped in an aura of mystery, as far as science has developed interesting theories about it. The theorists of the ancient astronauts are convinced that mankind has been strongly “conveyed” in its development by superior beings. This would have not only made man evolve, but also led to a sort of “misunderstanding” thanks to which later, religions would flourish.

Our “creators” were in fact seen as gods, precisely because the men of antiquity could not explain how these beings could perform certain actions. In this article I will highlight some aspects that will probably make both believers and scientists much to discuss. I have studied religions for twenty years. Religion has nothing to do with terrorism. Aliens know the destructive nature of man well. They taught us religion to be fearful and to be afraid of the unknown (and thus make us controllable), but the experiment failed miserably. Furthermore, it is pointed out that man was not intelligent enough to create a religion from nothing, from those of the East to Christianity.

The Italian author Mauro Biglino, strongly contested by science and also by “churchmen”, emphasizes how, by simply translating the Bible from Hebrew, one can find completely misrepresented elements during translations (as well as many inconsistencies). Biglino has repeatedly stated that he is not a ufologist, but that he simply found elements in the Bible itself that would demonstrate how our creation was not at all the work of a transcendent figure like “God”. If there really is a superior race out there that has given away the history of humanity, what was their purpose? Are we just the result of an experiment with aliens with millions of years of evolution that they use as their hobby? Certainly a chilling hypothesis, however, supported by many conspiracy theorists. And from me!

Religions, were they created by aliens? Original article by Alessandro Brizzi.



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Religions, were they created by aliens Original article by Alessandro Brizzi.