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Pria textile factory in Biella (Italy) is a unique heritage, a historical memory cherished with passion and dedication in Biella, the textile city par excellence, and the driving force of the made in Italy.

The collection includes more than one hundred fifty years of Italian textile history from our own company: a very interesting testimony to the taste of an era that so marked the evolution of the international fashion and still influences the tendencies. Over a thousand volumes of woolen fabrics and drapery cataloged according to season and year and complete data sheets and samples into being. Definitely only the weft-warp reports and samples of individual tissues, all in excellent condition. Leafing through these books that smell of history and creativity, you can find among others the unmistakable fabrics for Maison Chanel and Christian Dior, in those ’50s and’ 60s in which French elegance was at the peak of world fashion. And many other stories, like fabrics made exclusively for Yves Saint Laurent since the 70s and the pure cashmere for Giorgio Armani. As well as the “recipe” to faithfully create the famous and unique Red Valentino, the true symbol of the Roman couturier.

Up to the new players in the fashion and style such as Prada, Gucci, and Marc Jacobs. But not only, also precious books – all written by hand, the oldest French – watercolor seedlings of the seventeenth century, the royal concession in which it was authorized the implantation of a Wool Mill Textiles full cycle on the foundations of an old convent Cistercian, and detailed maps that show the architectural evolution of the spaces in the two centuries of history. The ancient documents testify as the Wool Mill was the first in the Biella to exploit the hydraulic energy of the river Cervo. The historic Archive Pria is a popular destination for all the major Italian designers who visit seasonally to get inspiration for their collections, and is enriched every day by these projects and the documentation of the works of renovation and redevelopment in progress, works involving prestigious architects and artists. You can also view the collections of “Société de Nouveautés Textiles”, “J.Claude Frères & Co.”, “Bilbille & co.”, “Textiles-Paris-Echos” the years 1940-1950-1960, very precious testimonies of French taste of those years.

Pria textile factory in Biella (Italy) is a unique heritage.



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Pria textile factory in Biella (Italy) is a unique heritage.