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Some commentators, finding objectionable or blasphemous the idea of copulation between angels and humans, have suggested more figurative interpretations of the Nephilim concept, proposing the idea that they were a progeny of possessed by demons. Possession is a mental and physical condition in which a person is considered to be inhabited by a supernatural being. The person in question is defined frenzied, possessed or owned. In Christianity, this being is usually interpreted as a devil or demon, and this situation is called “demonic possession” or “demonic”. The phenomenon of possession is rooted in the holy texts in the New Testament, for example, they are reported episodes in which Jesus Christ confronts and free some possessed. Even some Protestant churches recognize the possession and exorcism, although this is much less formal than in the Catholic Church. To determine if the mental or physical disorders are of psychological or spiritual nature, he is not recited a prayer on the affected person to be healed from his illness, but if the person reacts violently or strangely to the prayers offered in Jesus’ name, then this is index that evil is demonic in nature. According to the orthodox death, sin and disease are closely related. Every negative manifestation is therefore considered as a direct action of the devil, so you need to raise their prayer for the healing-liberation of every person who requests it with faith and humility, without the causes of failures. The possession by evil spirits or Satan and exorcism seem to be part of the Islamic creed since its origins. Nine verses of the Koran refer explicitly to spirit possession. Muslims are told to “seek refuge in Allah from the accursed devil”, but this verse refers to the fear that Muslims should have the wrath of God, as Satan’s purpose is to mislead humans and make them disobey God. Hinduism believes that the goddess Kali or its various incarnations can enter the bodies of living beings, possession is considered a condition of greater holiness. The possessed are revered and their blessings are required. However, if the spirit refuses to leave the village exorcist after some time is interviewed in order to release the spirit. In my point of view, now known times has reported or prophesied that Nephilm were the fallen angels …. think of it many stories in all religions of the world appoint these supernatural beings so much like “them” I learned that in every incredible story there is always a grain of truth!


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