Planetary transmigration, aliens among humans. Original article by Alessandro Brizzi.

People have always wondered if there was life on other planets, if aliens had ever visited humans and if they had left descendants on Earth in some way. What people do not always know is that aliens may be closer than they imagine. They can be next door. According to many different cultures, there are alien souls trapped in human bodies. In occult philosophy it is said that human beings live on seven different planets, continually evolving from minerals until the soul reaches its final destination, which involves reunion with God, or unity. In Hinduism, planets are considered living beings and have a specific time to exist.

Like all living things, they die at some point. When the planets cease to exist, the creatures that live on that planet have two possible destinations: if they have evolved enough to continue their journey, they incarnate in a new planet, where they will develop other faculties to continue the process of evolution. However, if some of them have not absorbed all the experiences that the planet has offered – because it is believed that each planet is “programmed” in a way that allows creatures to develop a certain aspect of consciousness – some of them could migrate to a planet to repeat the same experience. This process is called planetary transmigration or transmigration of the soul. Aliens living on Earth – Sumerians, Hindus, Egyptians and Maya gods were extraterrestrials.

According to the theories of spiritism, a long time ago, a group of extraterrestrials arrived on Earth to repeat the human experience on this planet, since they could not continue the experience with the rest of their fellows. Having completed the human experience before, they were far more technologically advanced than the earthlings. In many different religions and traditions, there are references to advanced beings that coexisted with primitive humans in ancient times. It appears in the Sumerian tradition, since it is thought that the gods described in the Sumerian tablets arrived from another planet that exploded or from a planet orbiting a companion star of the Sun. It also appears in the Hindu tradition.

The Mahabharata together with the Ramayana, the most important books of Hinduism, carry information on the gods who had flying machines and could contact other beings from other planetary systems. Egyptian mythology is full of references to beings with a certain knowledge and technology that could be consistent with a more advanced civilization. There are also images of flying objects in the walls of Egyptian caves that look exactly like those described in the Vedas. Maya mythology also refers to the beings of other planets that have arrived on Earth and genetically modified the earthlings, making the primitive human aspect more like them. Some argue that the Bible says “God created men in his image”, refers to these gods who engineered humans, helping them in the transition from animal to human. In short, the same story was told in all religions and traditions, with different names and with the elements of each culture. The legends speak of aliens arriving on flying machines and genetically modified humans who have mixed their DNA with normal humans and then … what? If the original planets no longer existed, where did they go and if they stayed, why is there no longer any trace of them? There are many possible explanations for this, but one possibility is that when the great cataclysm that destroyed Atlantis happened, the alien technology disappeared under the waters.

They fled to Egypt, Europe and South America (it is said that this is what allowed these people to have a great deal of information about alien visitors in their myths and legends) where they lived among humans. Without technology, they died. The belief in spiritism holds that after death, extraterrestrial visitors were reincarnated among humans, reborn in human bodies. The process of reincarnation is the same for every human being on Earth and with aliens it was no different. Once born into human bodies, with human limitations, all memories of previous lives have been erased from the conscious mind, since it is said that the brain does not support all the information of all incarnations, keeping only what is necessary for a lifetime ( the rest remains in the unconscious mind and is never lost). Until now the aliens continue to be reborn among humans. Without knowing their true origins, these people normally live with only a slight feeling, which could be much more out there than their ordinary lives.

Planetary transmigration, aliens among humans. Original article by Alessandro Brizzi.



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Planetary transmigration