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Phaistos’s disc, is related to the secrets of DNA? To understand the importance of the Phaistos Disc and its mysterious knowledge, we have to delve into the human genome and try to understand how our DNA. The deoxyribonucleic acid (or DNA) is formed by two nucleotides, ie two strings / filaments. In our Phaistos hard the two strands are represented one on each side. These two nucleotides in a spiral shape are the material expression of the Yin and Yang forces, male and female, that move with opposite polarities. Our ancestors, as if they had used a large magnifying glass, they photographed the process of meiosis during which, at the time of conception, the information of maternal and one of paternal origin come together to give life to a new creature : side A of the disc contains the maternal information, side B paternal information.

Phaistos’s disc, is related to the secrets of DNA?

Chromosome by chromosome, our ancestors have passed down the secret of life by describing the same manner as the frame of the genes from the moment the two genomic information come together and begins to form the embryo. The code contained in the disc is 23 chromosomes on one side and 23 on the other: in fact, the code benefits from 30 bits to describe the genomic information brought by the father and 31 for that of the mother. From this information, with the help of Biblical and Jewish texts, we were able to understand that the genetic material is greater in women than men: this information was concealed in the myth of Adam and Eve’s Rib.

If we observe, in fact, the X and Y chromosomes in comparison we will notice that Adam has a “rib” in the least! Our forefathers knew perfectly the secret that lies behind the descent of the spirit in the material world and they wanted to hand down this information. In the depiction of the disk not all chromosomes are presented with a code fragment (fragment means for the symbols enclosed within two temples): many chromosomes are presented with two or more fragments. When this happens, our ancestors are trying to tell us that chromosome is fragile and at that locus may be a break: When this happens we are in the presence of a “deletion”, ie the chromosome breaks in the genetic material disperses creating a genetic disorder. Our ancestors clearly show us at what points it is possible that the deletion occurs and explain what are the diseases that can be caused by the dispersion of this genetic material.

Phaistos’s disc, is related to the secrets of DNA?

Another important thing to understand in order to understand the code is the so-called phenomenon of “crossing-over”: during the process of meiosis the chromosomes come together and have the opportunity to exchange genetic material. When this happens, it will give life, probably, to a genetic disease. This also explains the disk: when a chromosome will find the symbol we have to understand that this chromosome has in it the opportunity to exchange genetic material with each other, or we can also interpret it as a chance to “reverse” chromosome: basically, the chromosome has the ability to reverse her course!

Phaistos’s disc, is related to the secrets of DNA?

As we enter the code and we remain surprised, on how our ancestors have been able to represent so precisely genes, cell particles and molecules.



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Phaistos's disc, is related to the secrets of DNA?