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A parallel dimension or parallel universe is a hypothetical universe separate and distinct from ours but coexistent with it; in most cases imagined it can be identified with another space-time continuum. The set of all possible parallel universes is called multiverse. The concept of “other universes” is not alien to scientific literature: there are some cosmological and physical theories that admit their existence, the most famous of which are strings theory.

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The journey in time and the passage into one or more parallel dimensions remain closely related issues that interest them because the concept of parallel reality in the sphere of fantasy is clearly a gimmick that leaves vast possibilities for narrative plot; implying that if in a reality a certain event evolves in one direction, in others, between the parallel ones, it can probably diverge towards an alternative outcome. One of the theories, now quoted by a good proportion of esteemed physical contemporaries, gives plausibility to the existence of a plurality of contiguous universes: it is the parallel reality interpretation, belonging to the discipline of quantum mechanics/wave mechanics; later called “many worlds”. A team of researchers from the University of Carolina has shown that hell, as described by many religions, does not exist on the metaphysical level. Instead, according to scientists, they could exist in parallel worlds where converges the vital energy of people after their physical death into a fictitious reality governed by false spiritual concepts. The head of the research group said that the cycle of human life is similar to that of plants, that is, with its blooms and caducity of dry leaves, and then begin a new sprout, and then repeat the cycle more and more times regenerative life. According to scientists from the United States, after the death of the physical body of a man, or rather his immortal spirit falls into a completely different dimension that would have nothing to do with the paradise or hell of Christianity. They also state that our physical death is concrete when we enter a parallel world, where the vital energy of the deceased can return to manifest itself again in our dimension where the material state of things is. The theory proposed by American scientists explains the appearance in our world of unusual creatures, including Aliens, Gray, Reptilians, and other entities that could be guests from other universes.

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It is worth noting that the hypothesis of the scientist has been partially proven after the discovery of the existence of peculiar microparticles in their different training states.

Parallel dimension, definition and study. A-Z index of Cognitio.



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Parallel dimension, definition and study. A-Z index of Cognitio.

Parallel dimension