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Pachacamac: God of the earthquake. Divine Archeology. The first inhabitants of Peru, even before the Inca, worshiped Viracocha, god of the universe, creator of the world and the sky.Viracocha

It was he who had caused the Sun to rise from the waters of Lake Titicaca; Then, in Tiahuanaco, ancient and legendary giants’ residence, he had shaped the earth and gave life to both animals and men.Lake-Titicaca

Local legends say that Tiahuanaco was built in one night, after Flood, by Gods or Giants.Tiahuanaco

It is impressive to note that the Apache people, even today, are able to describe Tiahuanaco without having ever seen it.Apache people

The ethnologist L. Taylor-Hansen reveals it, visiting a tribe stationed in Arizona, tells how indigenous people know the place because it was once the center of their legendary empire; They are even able to describe the statue of “bearded white”, that is to say, of Viracocha. The white God made something similar to Machu Picchu, this time with the precious collaboration of the Ayar brothers.Machu Picchu

In fact, one day came the gods led by Viracocha, who sent these brothers with their wives on that seagull. After one of them was locked up by others in a cave that served as a prison and had also turned it into stone (we are still unable to explain the reason for such treatment), three of the four Germans looked out at the three windows and began the Great project. One of them was destined to be remembered as the initiator of civilization, millennia before the Incas. For coastal people, Viracocha was dearly represented by her son, Pachacamac, literally “world animator” or “father of the earth. It will also be remembered as the God of earthquakes.



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Pachacamac God of the earthquake. Divine Archeology.