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Other inhabitants of the Cosmos.

The scholars say that heaven, earth, gods and men are held together by the commonality, by friendship, by the order, temperance and righteousness. And for this reason they call this whole ‘cosmos’ (the order) “.

While for centuries has been considered serious heresy, now the hypothesis of extraterrestrial life has been officially accepted by the Vatican. Good.

In this article I take into account even the ancient Indian civilization, the most precise and well documented on this issue.

I would like to mention the Deva. The Deva living in higher planets are called in Sanskrit Para Desha, literally upper regions, can move freely between the visible and invisible dimensions. The word paradise that the etymology scholars derive from the greek paradeisos, loosely translated as garden, actually comes from the Sanskrit, and describes similar places to our but much higher in intensity, beauty and environment. Are the paradisiacal scenarios described by saints, mystics and meditators. Places glimpsed in altered states of consciousness or near death experiences. And those who live according to our tradition? Pure souls, angels, archangels, cherubs and other higher beings.

According to the Vedas (knowledge) Devas live in the higher regions (desha) (para) of the galaxy. Some are made of visible matter and other invisible energy but real, the famous 96% now also accepted by our Western science. The ancient Indian tradition has always considered the normal contacts stories and interplanetary travel and tells of an ancient civilization on Earth very advanced, but for many centuries this information has been opposed and derided by the British colonialists and before that by Muslim invaders. Because they could not completely erase have declassified as mere myths and legends totally unreal falsehood born of the fertile popular imagination of the Indians. This fantasy has also produced a highly evolved language, Sanskrit, the mother tongue of Planet Earth, which has fifty-two letters and that gave rise to the ancient greek, Latin, Italian, English and all other European language.

All ancient Indian texts, tens of thousands of pages, are in Sanskrit, formerly called Devanagari, the language spoken in the cities, nagar, the Devas, higher beings from the bodies of light that live in other planets and other dimensions. The misunderstanding created by the mechanistic technology presented as “unique and true science” as opposed to the ancient persecuted knowledge (of which there are traces only in myths) was fortunately questioned over the last fifty years with the remarkable progress of physics, biology and cosmology; But much remains to be done to connect the most ancient knowledge with the most advanced frontiers of modern scientific research.

With regard to non-originating intelligent beings on the planet Earth there are numerous correspondences between the Vedic view of reality and the picture that emerges from numerous reports of UFOs and their pilots. It is certain that the literature of the Vedas was not affected by the stories about UFOs.

Much matter of the Vedas, composed of thousands of pages, is virtually unknown to most Westerners, so that some strange looks, casually entered in contact with UFOs and their pilots have described elements which are found normally in the Vedas. The Devas in Sanskrit or communicate telepathically and even use the Yantra, geometric designs symbolic spiritual messages that communicate directly to the subconscious mind. The famous crop circles. Many circles on the grain represent Yantra already present in temples and representations of ancient India. The Yantra is the equivalent of sacred geometry: every sign, angle or track communicates a clear message. The Yantra act right hemisphere, that of intuition and emotions.

The story is told in the Salva Tenth Canto of the Bhagavata Purana. Salva the Earth was a king who had developed a strong resentment towards Sri Krishna and had vowed to destroy his city, Dvaraka. To do this, it acquired an extraordinary Vimana (spaceship) worshiping Shiva (superior Deva). The Vimana occupied by Salva was very powerful and mysterious. It was so amazing that sometimes seemed as if many Vimana simultaneously flew in the sky, sometimes as if there were any. At times it was visible, sometimes it was not over, and the warriors of the Yadu dynasty, led by Krishna, were baffled by the strange aircraft movements. Sometimes they saw him on the ground, sometimes appeared in the sky, sometimes stood on top of a hill, sometimes floating on the water surface.

Also it is appearing and disappearing at will. The UFO are known for this type of behavior, and also for the description of the landings, or water stops, followed by sudden take-offs. The Vimana Salva had been built by a technology expert from another planet. Here’s the story: having as pronounced his vow, the foolish king [Salva] proceeded to worship Shiva as his divinity; in austerity sign eating a handful of earth a day, and nothing more. The great Deva Shiva is known as “the one who is easily satisfied” and yet, only the expiration of a year, he offered to Salva, which chose him as a refuge, a choice of benefits to oblige. Salva chose a vehicle that could not be destroyed either by the demigods nor the demons, neither by humans nor by Gandharva, Uraga and Rakshasa, who could travel anywhere at will and fill of the Vrishnis terror. Shiva said, “So be it.” On your order, Maya Danavas built a city capable of flying metal, gave her the name of Saubha and handed it to Salva.

This vehicle unassailable could go to any place. Once have in his possession, Save went to Dvaraka, mindful of the hostility of Vrishnis (Yadu) against him. Salva besieged the city with a large army, destroying the parks and the gardens outside, palaces with their observers, the towering portals, defensive walls and even the public meeting areas. Since its invincible ship dropped torrents of weapons, stones, lightning, tree trunks, snakes and hail. A wild whirlwind rose up and bleached dust all directions. So fiercely tormented of areo-ship Saubha, the city of Krishna had no peace, just as the Earth when it was attacked in the past by the three aerial cities of Asura demons, without (a) peace (sura). It is significant that Salva had dropped a rain of snakes, stones and tree trunks from his Vimana. There is no mention of bombs, and it seems that, despite having a considerable apparatus steering wheel, Salva did not have the air raid technology similar to that used by humans during the Second World War. However it possessed the control of a particular technology, capable of affecting the atmospheric time to produce tornadoes, lightning and hail.

In this story, as in many others, the builder of the Vimana was Maya Danavas, being at the head of a kingdom of Danavas located on the name Talatala planet. The Danavas were a powerful group of humanoids known for their technological knowledge. The word Maya means the energy is made the material universe, also designate the power of illusion. Maya Danavas was so named because he was an expert manipulator of energy Maya.

The consort of Shiva is also known as Maya Devi, or the goddess who controls the illusory energy. She is the Mother Goddess worshiped all over the world with different names. Since it is the husband of Uma, Shiva is the master of illusion and technology. So here is the natural connection between Shiva, who was approached by Salva it would grant the Vimana, and Maya Danavas, the master of illusion who built it. Significantly Salva asked a vehicle capable of withstanding Deva, Asura, Gandharva, Uraga and Rakshasa, all humanoid alien races evidently present on Earth or in its immediate vicinity, the Salva time, against which he naturally wanted to be in a position to defend himself. Save the vehicle is described as a metallic-looking cities and large.

Many Vimana Vedic City are described as flying, and so reminiscent of the gigantic “areo-ship-mother” that sometimes speaks in UFO reports. The history of the Vimana Salva contains a variety of aspects that we can light on UFO phenomena. The Vimana have the power to become invisible. Let us see how Krishna, in the part of a human warrior, defending the city of Dvaraka.

Krishna tells Yudhisthira: “I grabbed my shiny bow, O best of Bharata, and with my head cut arrows of the enemies of the gods on board Saubha. From my Saringa I popped against Salva well pricked arrows that seemed poisonous snakes, up arrows and burning. Then Saubha became invisible and I was astonished. The Danavas bands, his face disfigured by grimaces and wild hair, threw terrible screams, but I I maintained my position, or great king. To kill them quickly I popped an arrow chasing kills the sound, and the screaming stopped. All Danavas who had shouted fell dead, killed by arrows shining like the sun that strike following the sound”. Salva though it were a human king, a contingent of monstrous Danavas soldiers was aboard his Vimana; Salva the airship received by the head of Danavas. There are many cases, in the Vedas, of similar alliances between humans and other humanoid races. Although modern historians may doubt their existence, it is clear that such alliances were well established in ancient India. And if there were then, they may think that they can exist even today. Bows and arrows used by defenders of Dwaraka were not primitive or medieval weapons but the product of an advanced technology. The arch served to launch many different types of arrows, described sometimes as “flaming” or “sun-like”; in the case just mentioned, the arrows were equipped with a steering system that led to the target chasing the sound.

The word bow and arrows we must not deflect, an example, the high-speed train in Italy Rome-Milan is called the Red Arrow. I held him, and if I write today in a book that will be read in a thousand years, a period in which there will be no more like trains, then the reader will understand what? That in little more than three hours a Red Arrow brought me to 600 km away? The arrows may have been smart missiles or radiation or something that popped struck following a precise program. Recommend that you read these descriptions intelligently, NASA did it. The history of the arrows oriented according to the sound, also shows that when the Vimana Salva became invisible was still physically present and the sounds they produced were traceable. There are numerous cases of UFO sightings that have the same characteristics. The power of invisibility was not limited to the Salva Vimana, he was able to become invisible and move elsewhere remaining such. Also Save knew create illusory forms.

Sri Krishna, full of rage, slammed his bat on the Salva clavicle, with a violence that Salva began to vomit blood and to shake as if it was going to collapse hit by a severe cold. But before that Krishna could hit him again, Salva became invisible because of its mystical power. In a few moments, a mysterious stranger appeared before Sri Krishna. Complaining loudly, fell at the lotus feet of the Lord and said, “Because you are the most beloved son of your father Vasudeva, Devaki your mother sent me to give you the sad news that Salva has captured your father and He led away by force, just as a butcher mercilessly carries away an animal”. Upon hearing the terrible news from the unknown date, on the first Sri Krishna he was very upset, as an ordinary human being … While Krishna was in this state, Salva appeared before him with a man who looked like perfectly bound to Vasudeva, his father. They were all creations of the Salva mental power. Salva turned to Krishna: “Krishna, you rascal! Look, here is your father who gave you life and whose mercy are still alive. Now I will kill him before your eyes. Save it, as you are able”. Uttered these words, Salva immediately cuts off the head to the false Vasudeva. Then without hesitation he gets on his Vimana, bringing the head with it.

Soon after, Krishna realized that the body was Vasudeva. It was all an illusion projected by Save the method learned from Maya Danavas.I have read of cases where it seems that the UFO exits entities have created the illusion in the eyes of this people to manipulate their behavior.



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