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Obvious! They are also present on the Moon. It does not seem a rock or a cloud! Friends ufologists, you can kindly explain what Google has crossed the Moon? It does not seem a strange rock, a strange cloud, so please if there is an astronomer among you, explain to me what it is !! I personally can not give an explanation, and you? So in summary, it is not a rock, if not a cloud can then be …Ants men, aliens of the Moon. Shocking theory.

We can get many good friends questions, the fact is that Google, the largest supplier in the world, has taken a profile photo lunar, where we see an amazing picture. If this is not “their” ship what? But please let’s stop always making excuses for these events, us wake up once and for all. What is represented, what is imprinted in this video is and always will be a mother ship. It ‘so obvious that you can not even wanting to, prove otherwise. But despite everything I challenge anyone to motivate a real history to destroy my theory, I know by now that I would like to talk, confront those who think differently from me. Well, then do it !! I am not afraid of comparison, indeed excites me, because it means that at least we can talk about these events, at least arouses interest on your part, lately I see very pliable, not commented, you have accidentally switched off the hope of discovery? I sincerely hope that is not so, because if you surrender you I always make a step backwards and not forward. But since I am an optimist by nature, I trust in you, always follow me, that sooner or later we will know the truth! I think seeing this video, you will begin to hope again in the light of reality!



 To open the video, click on the picture, good view from your Alessandro Brizzi.

Obvious! They are also present on the Moon.