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Nomoli, statues of ancient astronauts. Ancient Aliens. The statues Nomoli are small figures carved in stone found by local people of Sierra Leone, in the ’80s and’ 90s, when searching for diamonds in West Africa. These statues, estimated age of about 12,000 years, are the most unusual, the most outstanding and the most ancient creations ever discovered in Africa.

Among the many ancient artifacts that will surely threaten the traditional schools of thought of classical archeology are the figurines Nomoli.

It is small stone sculptures high from 40 to 70 cm depicting accurately mysterious humanoid beings deformed, often with a reptile.

The statues were discovered in the 80s and 90s by the local people of Sierra Leone during the diamond rush in West Africa. The origin of the figurines, called “Nomoli” by locals, is shrouded in mystery since they do not seem to belong to any known African culture.

Some statues were found at a depth of 50 meters, the geological layer that corresponds to the age between 11 million and 12 million years ago. This figure has left archaeologists very perplexed, because that date is no confirmation on current knowledge of classical archeology, since the most ancient civilizations of the region can be traced back to 4000 BC Where they come from, thus, these mysterious artifacts? As the researchers explain in an article in the journal The Journal of African History, the Nomoli were manufactured and used in the area where they are located. Therefore they were not imported.

But there’s more! It seems that in a cavity within some Nomoli there are metal balls and stones from space. The analyses carried out by the Museum of Natural History in Vienna have shown that they are made of a strange mixture of chrome and steel.

Some scholars have, moreover, found traces of a substance called iridium in rocks, but there is virtually iridium in rocks of our planet unless it is brought from the outside, for example by a meteorite.

Who put these small items in there? And, more importantly, how it was produced the metal alloy in its composition? The so-called “blue stones from heaven” are another enigma in the enigma.

A local legend says: “The part of the sky where Nomoli lived turned into a stone, which splintered rolling on the ground”.

Incidentally, it is interesting to note that the word “Nomoli” has an assonance with “Nommo” or how, always in West Africa, the Dogon of Mali call the beings in the distant past, according to some ancestral myths, it rained down on Earth from the star Sirius.

An African legend says that they “wandered unhindered in places where no man had ever been before.

One could not look them in the face because their eyes were so bright that caused blindness in those who looked at them was like looking at the Sun.

To these creatures, it was forbidden empire entrance divine and sent to Earth.

” The latter part brings us back to the myth of the “fallen angels”, which is spoken in different cultures, including the Judeo-Christian.

According to local people, the statuettes Nomoli would be a memory of those exiled divine creatures on Earth. They have the typical characteristics: they are made of different types of stone, with big noses like that of a bird of prey with the nostrils, large mouths, sometimes showing teeth.

Their skulls are flat.

Some figurines depicting reptiles looking anthropomorphic.

Other representations show that Nomoli, in the eyes of those who produced them, were to have considerable dimensions, such that they can safely ride an elephant.

So what are the Nomoli? arised religious entities by the imagination of a lost culture of 12,000 years ago, or have documentation of a civilization of Ancient Astronaut extraterrestrials made contact with our ancestors? Researchers are still far from understanding all the features of Nomoli disconcerting.

What is certain is, that represent the latest chapter still not clear of the past of mankind.



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Nomoli, statues of ancient astronauts. Ancient Aliens.