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Noah’s Ark and the latest discoveries. Mysterious Archeology. In the biblical story Noah’s ark is a big boat built of divine indication from Noah to escape the Flood, so you escape the human species and other living beings. A similar story, as part of the epic of Gilgamesh, is rooted in Mesopotamian mythology.

New clay tablet adds 20 rows of Gilgamesh. The Bible reports that the ark measured 300 cubits in length. In ancient times they were used cubits of different sizes, but rather identical; most studies agree that the literalists boat an approximate length of 137 meters length in each case greater than that of any wooden vessel that has ever been historically built up in the late 1800s. The story of Noah and the ark was the subject of numerous enrichments in later Jewish rabbinic literature. God had revealed to Noah how to build the ark even letting him know what measures certain types of tree, also predetermined and he planted and cultivated, they would reach in time it would have been unable to forge axes of these measures and why they were in fact different measures corresponding to those of the axes. In Islam, Noah (Nuh) is one of five major prophets of Islam, and its history is used generally to describe the fate of those who refuse to listen to the divine Word. The references to the prophet shall be issued via the Quran.

Photo of the original text of the Koran. In the various mythologies of Mesopotamia, the Sumerian to the Assyrian, it is called a King or human prince named Zīūsūra that was saved on the Ark by a flood that destroyed the country of Sumer. In 1989 the Italian engineer Angelo Palego began a series of expeditions to Mount Ararat in search of the Ark: his conclusion is that the ark had to be close to the Ahora Gorge, in a place not easily accessible. Carried out also research through the analysis of satellite images of the area, in collaboration with Prof. Balossino At the University of Turin (Italy).

This is the heart of Mount Ararat, (Ahora Gorge) where he passed the Italian researcher. In 2004, a businessman originally from Honolulu, Daniel McGivern, announced that he intended to finance an expedition to $ 900,000 on top of Mount Ararat in July of the same year, to establish the truth of the Ararat anomaly. After much media preparation, which included the purchase of specially made commercial satellite images, however, the Turkish authorities refused him access to the top, because it is located in a military zone. The shipment was later accused by the National Geographic Society to be only a cleverly assembled media coup, since his expedition leader, Professor turkish Ahmet Ali Arslan, had already been accused of falsifying photographs of the alleged ark. The CIA, which examined satellite images of McGivern, has on the other hand felt that the anomaly was made up of “linear layers of ice covered by ice and snow recently accumulated”. A new announcement of an alleged discovery was given April 27, 2010 by a Turkish joint expedition and Hong Kong, which was attended by members of the “Noah’s Ark Ministries International”. The expedition has announced that it has discovered an unusual cave Ararat with wooden walls at an altitude at which it is believed never existed human settlements, and to have dated wood (through the carbon 14 tests), in 4800 years does. The group’s spokesman, Yeung Wing-Cheung, told the press that it is not 100% certain that this is the Ark, but 99.9% think so. One of the expedition members were later dissociated from their group arguing that the wood found Ararat was probably brought there specifically by some Kurdish laborers who were aware of the shipment.

One of the ark pieces found by the team.



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Noah's Ark and the latest discoveries. Mysterious Archeology.